5 Great Hangover Articles

hangover-articlesCheck out these 5 hangover articles to learn about hangover cures and read interesting facts on hangovers.

Hangover Gene is Key to Alcohol Tolerance
According to www.newscientist.com, there is a gene that helps fruit flies develop alcohol tolerance. The gene has actually been named, “hangover”. The gene also controls the flies’ response to stress, and the researchers say that a similar pathway linking alcohol tolerance and stress probably functions in humans.
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Good Old Hangover Cures
If you are looking for some good old fashioned hangover cures check out this article by www.askmen.com. A couple highlights are fruit juice and eggs, but there are some other great hangover cures on there as well.
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Best Hangover Foods
Want to know the best hangover foods? Check out this site. While they haven’t listed every food that is out there, they have picked some pretty good options. What is also cool is that you can vote or comment on your favorite hangover food. Personally I’m a fan of the California burrito, which I can not believe didn’t make the list.
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Weird Hangover Cures
Everyone wants to hear about off the wall hangover cures for some reason. It’s like they want to believe that the cure to a hangover is a rare plant that you eat and then puke up into a shot glass and give to your hungover buddy. If you’re into that sort of thing, this blog post is for you.
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Hangover Myths Debunked
There are a lot of myths about hangovers and hangover cures. And while this post doesn’t get rid of all of them, it does cover some of the more prominent issues. Plus they educate you through a nice slideshow.
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Know of a great hangover article we should read? Add it below!

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