58 Things to do When you are Hungover

It is really hard to think of things to do when you are hungover, so we can up with 58 of them. These are all great options. Read 58 things to do when you are hungover below!

Things to do When you Are Hungover!

  1. Eat a pizza
  2. Eat a burrito
  3. Eat a burger
  4. Eat 2 burgersEat Pizza - Things to do when hungover
  5. Eat 2 borritos
  6. Don’t eat 2 pizzas
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Don’t go for a walk
  9. Watch a movie
  10. Play an online video game
  11. Learn to juggle
  12. Paint a clown face on yourself and stare in the mirror
  13. Go to the beach and lay down
  14. Go to the gym and feel very sick
  15. Puke
  16. Puke outside
  17. Puke in the toilet
  18. Go surfing (only if you’re experienced)
  19. Take an Advil
  20. Drink another beer
  21. Drink a mimosa
  22. Drink a bloody marry
  23. Avoid calls from people you respect
  24. Take calls from people you don’t respect
  25. Think about how great it will feel when your not hungover
  26. Think about anything but how hungover you are
  27. Have a snow cone
  28. Have some ribs
  29. Drink a Gatorade
  30. Drink a Vitamin water
  31. Drink Pedialyte
  32. Make plans for later that night
  33. Plan a vacation
  34. Do random shopping online
  35. Plan a workout routine
  36. Read motivations quotes online
  37. Watch Happy Gilmore
  38. Watch the Big Lebowski
  39. Watch the Departed
  40. Watch Office Space
  41. Watch Black Sheep
  42. Watch Donnie Darko (Freaking Weird Movie!)
  43. Email people
  44. Email people funny posts from this siteDrinking a Beet is a Thing to do When you Are Hungover
  45. Email people funny posts from another site (if you’re a dick)
  46. Just do some freaking jumping jacks and get it out
  47. Do some yoga
  48. Stick your head in a bucket of ice
  49. Stick your head in the freezer (be careful stupid)
  50. Have a BBQ and drink a beer
  51. Have a BBQ and drink water (loser)
  52. Go to a park and go down the slide
  53. Go to a park and sit on the teeter-totter (need at least one friend)
  54. Drink some water
  55. Read this list
  56. Have a banana
  57. Create a list of things to do when you’re hungover
  58. Dress up like a hipster and go on an exploratory bike ride

Add more things to do when you are hungover below!

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2 Comments on "58 Things to do When you are Hungover"

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  1. Tums says:

    59. Hit the guy doing #58 with your car
    60. Go back to bed
    61. Be rudely interrupted in your sleep by the police because apparently hipsters “are people too”

  2. linda says:

    Have sex.
    Dont have sex.

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