7 things NOT to Eat When Hungover

There are some foods that act as a hangover cure and others that just make you sick as a dog. Here are 10 foods to stay away from when you are hungover:Bad Hangover Cure Food

1. Refried Bean Burritos: Eating a burrito full of only refried beans when you are hungover can lead to nothing but problems, and it will not make you feel better. Stay away from this dangerous hangover provoker.

2. Raw Fish: Sushi may be good when you are feeling healthy and happy, but when you are in the grips of a vicious hangover, there is nothing worse. Thing is, the nutrients in the fish will actually cure your hangover, ultimately, but you may not be able to get the stuff down, or keep it down.

3. Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is not a hangover cure, in fact, eat enough of this stuff when you are hungover and you’ll most likely projectile vomit a significant distance.

4. Butter: You may like a little butter on some of your dishes, but image eating a large scoop of butter when you are hungover. Imagine placing the big clump of cold butter in your mouth and chewing it down. See what I’m getting at? Butter is not a hangover cure!

5. Eggnog: Eggnog is good around the holidays. You can enjoy it a few times a year. But slamming a large glass of eggnog when you are hungover will not cure your hangover. Stay away from this foul substance when hungover.

6. Spring Salad: One of the keys to curing a hangover is eating foods that allow you to soak up the alcohol. Spring salads do not do this. While it may be good for you, it will only make your stomach upset and confused.

7. A Block of Cheese: Eating a whole block of cheese when you are hungover will not cure your hangover, it will only make you feel worse. When hungover, make sure to moderate your cheese intake as it can really mess you up.

Is there something we forgot? What foods do you hate to eat when you are hungover? Tell us below!

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9 Comments on "7 things NOT to Eat When Hungover"

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  1. Corey says:

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  2. Concerned says:

    I’m confused why people would want to eat just butter or a whole block of cheese. You may want to throw in a whole slew of other things that are just plain disgusting even when not hungover, just to add to the depth of this thought provoking article.

  3. Tums says:

    Concerned sir or ma’am you clearly have not been but so hungover. I refer to the “caveman hangover” when brain go eat me grab food. Then later regret whatever stupid thing I grabbed.

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