A Night with Jägermeister

jagerTwo buddies came up to visit me from college. Good buddies from high school. The type of guys I used to party with all the time growing up. They came to visit me at the dorms and we thought it would be a good idea to get a bottle of Jager.

We’ll the night started off pretty normal, jumping around from party to party, taking a shot here and there and playing some games of beer pong. Eventually we made it back to the dorms and we were obliterated.

We knocked on doors and made friends with complete strangers. We then started playing football in the hall. That’s when the security guard started yelling at us from outside of the window.

We were on the second story and we saw him coming up the stairs. What the hell do we do! We thought.

It didn’t look like too far of a drop, so two of us jumped out of the second story window and ran back to my dorm room. Our other buddy didn’t jump. But seemed to get away some how.

My other buddy ended up back at my room later and we all passed out about 4am. The next morning a friend came into my room asking if anyone had puked in his bathroom.

We all said, “No, no… It wasn’t us.”

He left, saying that he was super pissed off because he was being made to clean up. “Sorry dude,” we said.

We decided to head out and get some food. As we were stepping into the car I realized there was puke on my buddy’s shoe. As I looked a little closer I realized it was on his pants too.

“Did you puke in that guys bathroom,” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” he said.

“Whatever,” we said. “Who cares!”

We all had a good laugh and went and got some food.

Submitted by Senior Jager Friday January 1, 2010

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