A Yellow Hangover Story

drinking-too-much-2This is a quick story of what not to do when one is drinking, not only to ease a hangover but even more so to ease the hangover remorse.

One night I was hanging with a two female friends and I called one of my close friends to come over and join our small get together (I am not going to use his real name for his own sake).

When he came over he had a long contemplative stage where he was not sure if he wanted to drink or not. He then, around 11 pm, decided to do so. This was his mistake.

He began to swig down Jack Daniels and pound beers with an hour window of before he went to bed. When he did decide to find a bed to sleep in within the house he happened to find one with one of the females in it. Upon finding this bed, freshly drunk from the last hour of rapidly consuming hard and soft alcohol, he hopped into bed with his clothes on and fell asleep without even so much as making out with the female (from what I was told).

In the morning I walked in to the room to find she had left for work and he was lying in bed with all of clothes on and a bed completely engulfed in urine. This is why we do not get blacked out right before bed!!

– Story Submitted Dec, 17, 2009

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