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aurfingTwo individuals that happen to be blood related, Elliott and Murray Hangover have an extreme familiarity with hangovers. The consumption of alcohol in copious quantities, on few occasions, is their inherent specialty. And, in an instance such as this, there are tremendous repercussions. What I am speaking is of course the Hangover. As long as Ethenal has been produced in the form of a beverage, this poison induced treacherous sickness has inevitably followed directly after. Having dealt with this problem time and time again, their familiarity has enabled them to master the art of overcoming the hangover.

One day, while on a voyage to find the perfect wave, these brothers faced an earth-shattering hangover. One brother peered into the others sickly red, glazed, and distant eyes, while cruising through the hills of northern California on a far off forested road, and proposed perhaps the greatest task either one of them has pursued in this confusing journey we call life. That is to create Hangover School. Upon receiving this information, the elder brother’s eyes shifted uncontrollably as though a wave of nausea came over his clouded mind, a powerful wind attempting to shift his thoughts away, attempting to force a river of polluted vomit from his orifice but somehow managed to stand his ground and declared, “This is our calling! Let us share our knowledge with the rest of the world! Allow ignorance to reign no more among men experiencing the hangover!!” Hangover School is a course, or rather a handbook, in which all one needs to know to overcome a hangover is included. All the knowledge of years and years of experience condensed into a brief and convenient text, where even the most catastrophic state of a hangover, when ones depression is physically depleting their bones, their bodily state is beyond that of haggard wreckage, one can look to for the answers to overcome, to prosper, and to live a on!

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