Alcohol-X Hangover Cure

The Alcohol-X hangover cure is one of the more popular hangover cures on the market. The product has been created specifically to cure hangovers and claims to have figured it all out.  Like many hangover cures, Alcohol-X is meant to cure hangovers caused by moderate drinking, not binge drinking.

Alcohol-X Hangover Cure

Alcohol-X Hangover Cure

What is Alcohol-X

Alcohol-X is a substance that looks similar to Alka-Seltzer. It is a small wafer type pill that dissolves when you drop it into a glass of water. To use Alcohol-X you simply take 2 capsules and drop hem into a 16oz glass of water. Alcohol-X recommends consuming the hangover cure cocktail after your last drink.  While this is the most effective time to take the Alcohol-X hangover cure, you can really take the capsule and water solution any time. The product starts producing hangover relief effects 30 minutes after it is consumed.

How does Alcohol-X Cure Hangovers?

According to Alcohol-X, when your metabolism deals with alcohol it turns it into Acetaldehyde. This substance is similar to Fermaldehyde and is about 30 times more toxic in your body than alcohol itself. Your liver can quickly convert alcohol to acetaldehyde, but it takes a long time for it to convert acetaldehyde into acetic acid. Acetic acid is the final step in the alcohol metabolism process.

The Alochol-X hangover cure helps your body to more quickly process the acetaldehyde and remove it from your system. It also provides nutrients that help replenish your body.

Does Alcohol-X Really Work?

Here is the million dollar question right, does Alcohol-X really work as a hangover cure. From our experience, many of these hangover cures which only claim to work after moderate drinking and specify that you need to drinking 16oz of water cure hangovers similarly to sports drinks. In many cases, you will get about the same hangover relief from a large Vitamin Water ZERO hangover cure as you will from an Alcohol-X or a THC (The Hangover Cure). While that is the case, the Alcohol-X hangover cure does have quite a few testimonials on their website and the product does appear to help many people. Hangover School is giving the product a Hangover School score of a C Plus for curing hangovers.

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