Bachelor Party Hangover Story

Bachelor Party Hangover Story

We all party hard at bachelor parties. No question about it. Here is a bachelor party hangover story that will make you laugh a bit, I think.

We drank all night, woke up and started drinking again, drank all-day and then all night. In case you didn’t understand what I was saying, we had been drinking, a lot.

We did some crazy stuff during the aforementioned time. Broke some plates while wasted and eating, went to a strip club, jeered at a man who distinctly resembled the monopoly man. One of our friends even got so drunk that he dove into the shallow end of the pool and hit his nose on the bottom. He later fell face first into a glass table and got a black eye. But I don’t want to talk about those hangover stories, funny as they were. I want to tell you about this one.

It’s 8:30am. The guys had been drinking, gambling and overall being nuts for 2 days. Anyone in his or her right mind would pass out at this hour. But these idiots get back to the room and decide to call a stripper. Mind you this is at 8:30am, on a Sunday, in Vegas.

They make the first call and the girl on the other end is hesitant to send a stripper to their room. “Why?” they ask. As if they are ever so deserving of entertainment at this hour. She explains that it is an irregular time to send a girl. She hangs up the phone.

The guys call a variety of different call girl advertisements. But for some reason they keep getting the same women on the other end – apparently she is the main dispatcher for Las Vegas strippers at this hour. She eventually agrees to send a dancer to the room.

At this point it is about 9:00am and the hangover is starting to set in. Not only that, but the guys need to be out of the room at 11:00am, no late checkout at the hotel that day. They fade little by little, until eventually, they fall asleep.

Suddenly a knock at the door, “Knock, Knock, Knock, Hello!” They hear. The stripper has just arrived. It’s 9:30am on Sunday and they have had no sleep. They decide not to answer the door. “Knock, Knock, Knock, Hello! Hello!!” They hear again. “Let me in!” The loud knocks and yells go on for a good 20 minutes and all the guys do is hide quietly inside. They all look at each other with tiered, bloodshot eyes and think. Forget this girl.

But the girl keeps going. She is pissed. She knocks louder and louder. Until security comes. Security takes her away, but not before she can slip something under the door. As she is leaving the guys sneak slowly over to the door to retrieve the note. It said something to the effect of “duck you bassshmolls.”

The guys slept for another 30 minutes. Then went to the airport where they drank until their 3:00pm flight. When they got on the plane they were cut off. About time…

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