Being Overly Confident: The Key to Overcoming Hangover Hatred

Have you ever had someone look down on you because you are hungover? You know, they look at you disgust because you were out drinking all night having the time of your life. Swinging off chandeliers, punching dudes in the face, puking all over the bar and then taking another shot while you throw burritos and pizza in the air and slap it into your buddies back.

You shouldn’t have to feel bad about being hungover! We call that drinkers remorse by the way… So how do you make people not look at you like you’re a POS? The secret is being overly confident when you see someone when you are hungover. Don’t shy away and avoid them, instead, be way over the top, incredibly OVERLY CONFIDENT!

Overconfidence when you are hungover

Overconfidence when you are hungover

Walk right up to them, look them exactly in the eye, say HI HOW ARE YOU!! Say it about four notches too loud. Talk to them just a little too long. Have an overly enthusiastic conversation with them about something you do not care about.

Now you have it, the secret to making people thing you are not hungover. Be incredibly, insanely, overly confident.


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