Beirut (Beer Pong)

beruit-beer-pongIf you haven’t played Beirut (Beer Pong) than you haven’t been hungover yet. This game can easily give you a level four hangover or above, trust me, I’ve been there. Try playing at 4am with a big box of wine and three people you just met at the bar, and then you’ll know a hangover.

But for you rookies out there, I would briefly like to tell you about Beirut (Beer Pong), one of my all time favorite drinking games.

What You Need

To play this game you need 22 plastic cups, at least two ping-pong balls, beer and water.

The Cups

Take the cups and line them up in a pyramid on each end of the table. You should have 10 cups on each side and they should be filled ¼ to ½ full of beer, whichever you decide on with your opponent. You’ll also want to fill a cup up with water and place it on the side of the table. You will use this water cup to clean your balls, no pun intended.

The Balls

The balls are for throwing into the other team’s cup. If you throw a ball into their cup and make it then the other team has to drink the beer in the cup. There are two people on a team and they each throw one ball.

The Rules

Two Balls Equals Three Cups

If two members of the same team throw the balls and make them both they get to throw again. In addition, the other team has to drink an extra cup, making the total cups which have to be drunk three.

The Bounce Rule

If you choose to bounce the ball the other team can swat the ball in a defensive move. We do not recommend this because it is lame, but bounce if you must.

The Blow Rule

If the ball is spinning around the rim of the cup you can blow the ball out of the cup. Most men do not partake in this rule, and it is strongly encouraged they don’t. Overall it is a poor and unsanitary rule, but a rule none-the-less.

Ricochet Rule

If the ball comes in contact with anything other than the table before it lands in the cup it does not count.

Last Shot Rule

After a team makes the last cup both members of the defending team have the opportunity to shoot until they miss. This makes the game exciting. If they make all the cups you both teams add 5 more cups and continue playing.

The Loser Rule

After a team loses, they must drink all of the beer that is left in the cups of the opposing team. The opposing team can veto this rule if there is limited beer at the party.

Know a rule that was not listed? Add it below!

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  1. I hope you don’t mind if I link to this in my next post. Thank you for this excellent contribution.

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