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Best Hangover Drinks!

Deciding what to drink when you are hungover can be a tough decision. At first, nothing will sound very good. But trust us, you need to drink fluids when you are hungover to feel better. Here are some of the best things to drink when you are hungover.

Best Hangover Drinks for the Next Day

Best Hangover Drinks! A Good Hangover Drink Can Make Your Day

Best Hangover Drinks! A Good Hangover Drink Can Make Your Day

Vitamin Water
Whether you get Vitamin Water Zero or just regular vitamin water you really cant go wrong with this hangover drink. Vitamin water is light and contains nutrients which help you beat your hangover.

Gatorade is an excellent hangover cure. While it will make you feel better, sometimes it can be a little sugary. Make sure you choose a flavor which is easy to drink like orange. If it is too sugary for you mix in some water to delude it.

Water with Pedialyte
Pedialyte is a drink for kids. The intended purpose is to rehydrate children when they are sick. This drink works equally well for hungover adults and some people swear by it. We agree that it is really good. The pedialyte hangover cure is chosen over and over.

Orange Juice and Egg
The orange juice and egg hangover cure is for those who like something different. I actually does not taste bad and helps get rid of a hangover. The orange juice and egg hangover cure was a secret for centuries, but was recently revealed to the world on YouTube.

Soda is actually a very good hangover cure. The two top options are Dr. Pepper and Coke. Both of these drinks have carbonation which alleviates hangover nausea. Soda can do wonders to settle the stomach as well.

Wheat Grass Shot and Smoothie
A wheat grass shot and smoothie will usually fix you right up when you are feeling hungover. While this is the case make sure only to take the shot if your stomach is feeling OK. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water too. The smoothie will not hydrate you enough.

Alcohol Drinks
If you are going to jump back on the wagon and start drinking again it is usually smart to ease into it with a vodka based drink or beer. We recommend a screwdriver or bloody marry. If you are going to drink a beer have a hefeweizen or an IPA. When you drink an IPA you will feel better very quickly

Nothing beats water as a hangover cure. Get out there and grab yourself a big jug of water and drink it, never fails. A word of caution, do not drink the water too fast, unless you are going to enter a puking contest or something.

Santa Cruz Ginger Ale
Santa Cruz is an awesome place and their Ginger Ale is also very good. This drink does wonders for hangovers. Suck one down and you will start to feel better in about 10 minutes. The Santa Cruz ginger ale hangover cure is made with excellent ingredients and is chosen often in California.

There are tons of great hangover drinks out there in the world. Add your favorite drink below!

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  1. Carli says:

    Pedialyte is definitely a great hangover cure! It sounds odd, since it is intended for children, but it re-hydrates the body quickly and gently – even better than Gatorade. Two of my other fave choices are Spicy V-8 or Coconut Water. The V-8 replaces a lot of nutrients, and the spices help wake you up. It works best when used after eating. The Coconut Water is loaded with potassium and helps with hydration. Is also very low in sugar, but be sure to get Coconut WATER, not Juice (which often tastes syrupy and has a lot of sugar added).

  2. Jeremy Charney says:

    I use PreFunc before and after parties and it helps me manage the ill effects of too much partying. In fact, I can now party and still go to work the next day – no problem. So it is the anti hangover drink I recommend.

  3. Best Hangover Drinks, Best Drink for a Hangover – Hangover School | Hangover School

  4. RB says:

    The key is to stop the hangover before it comes on.
    With that in mind, check out ‘Prefunc’.
    You drink it at the start of the night and it will prevent a hangover the next day.
    Our review can be found here:

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