Better Looking Drunk than Hungover

three-beersWe left a bar and went back to this girl’s house. Just my friend and I. The girl he wanted to hook up with was OK, not great. The one who liked me was huge, I’m sorry if that is mean. Actually no I’m not I don’t care.

He kept drinking more and more. I tried to get him to leave with me but he wouldn’t. He was having such a wicked time. Guy ends up staying there and I take a cab home.

Next morning he gets dropped off. Apparently he had hooked up with both of them. You know what they say, “I’ve never had a 10 but I’ve had two 4s.” Or something like that…

Turns out he left his keys there and had to go back the next day. When he saw them again, hungover and wrecked, he knew he’d made the wrong mistake by staying.

He still tells everyone they we’re hot though! Such a liar.

Submitted Jan 05, 2010 by Hangovers Suck!

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  1. Tums says:

    Sounds like your buddy had a great time and you paid for a cab to sleep alone. Next time grow a pair and ride that moped…

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