Don’t Be a Rookie: Have a BPB

BPB PhotoWe have all heard of and or become addicted to a certain game that facilitates our disposition to drink heavily, that of course is Beer Pong. In a previously published blog written on Beer Pong we even went as far as to expose the rules and merits of playing this pleasant game. There is however an unwritten rule existing in this game, one, which I have found not all masters of the game follows. During the game there are lulls in a players beer chugging debauchery, which is why all players, according to this unwritten rule, must have a BPB (Beer Pong Beer).

A few weeks ago, while I was playing with a few friends, I looked over at my teammate to find he had no BPB. I did not understand… What was he chugging when the opposing team had not made a shot?

The point is, my fellow beer pong players, when you play beer pong have a BPB, otherwise you are cheating an unwritten rule and making all of the other players uncomfortable.

Thanks and always drink your BPB irresponsibly.

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