Burrito Hangover Cure – Nothing Better than a Burrito for your Hangover!

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Yes, burritos are hangover cures. They are an excellent hangover food and if utilized properly they will alleviate your hangover. But if you are going to use a burrito as a hangover cure there are some things you need to know.

Burrito Hangover Cure

Here is a picture of a half consumed burrito hangover cure. We've all seen this before!

Burrito Hangover Cures are Region Specific

You cannot get a good burrito just anywhere. You need to make sure you have a good location to get your burrito. If you get a poorly made burrito it may not cure your hangover, it might just make you sick.

Timing is Critical

There are a lot of times when you can consume a burrito. The time when you consume the burrito is critical, as to whether or not it will cure your hangover.

Pre-Drinking Burrito

When you consume a burrito before you drink it does help cure a hangover in some ways. By having a good meal in your stomach, it allows you to soak up the alcohol. The pre-drinking burrito hangover cure will help you be less hungover.

Post-Drinking Burrito

The post-drinking burrito is a Hangover School favorite. This occurs when you are heading home from a long night of drinking and you decide you want food. At that time you drive through the 24-hour Mexican food restaurant by your house and get a burrito. In most cases you will either get a California Burrito (potatoes, carne asada, cheese, sour cream and salsa) or maybe a bean, rice and cheese or a simple carne asada. Any of these burritos is a fine choice. When you consume a post-drinking burrito you will be in heaven. Perhaps nothing is better than eating a burrito when you are drunk. This burrito will also alleviate your hangover. When you eat the burrito it will soak up the alcohol. The only issue is that you may wake up very full the next day.

Morning Burrito

If you skip the burrito the night before don’t worry, you can still get a morning burrito. Morning burritos are different than night burritos. Usually, a morning burrito will have eggs, cheese, potatoes and sometimes beans. In many cases, the morning burrito is the best option for a hangover cure. Sure, you will wake up feeling bad, but the morning burrito will get hearty food in your stomach and make you feel much better. After having a morning burrito you may want to head back home and take a nap. After you have done that your hangover should have subsided and you can go about your day.

A note on the Burrito Hangover Cure

Burrito hangover cures are good, but they need support to be effective. If you can mix in water and/or a soda with your burrito hangover cure it will work better. If the burrito does not take care of everything, you can always use the good old Advil hangover cure.

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