Can you Die from a Hangover?

Sometimes when you are hungover you feel like you are going to die. But can you die from a hangover? That is what we are seeking to answer in this post.

First off let’s talk about hangovers. We at Hangover School and other people around the world have felt like we are going to die from a hangover many times. I myself have probably felt like I was going to die from a hangover at least 30 times. Usually the reason you feel like you are going to die from a hangover is because you are dehydrated. So drink some water now!

Can you Die from a Hangover

Can you Die from a Hangover

Drinking too much alcohol can kill you so make sure to drink in moderation. But if you have slept through the night and wake up feeling very hungover you will probably not die from the hangover directly. But you could die from:

  • Hangover Dehydration
  • Alcohol Poisoning the Night Before
  • Potentially some other Health Complication such as a Heart Attack

If you are at all worried there is always the option to go to the emergency room or call you doctor. But in most cases when you feel like you are going to die from a hangover it is because you are really dehydtrated and need nutrients. Let’s just put it this way, when you search for how many people die a year from hangovers nothing comes up…

When Asking this is what they said:

“Answer: No. You cannot directly die from a hangover.

However, it is possible to die from dehydration, one of the root causes of a hangover and excess drinking of alcohol.

The most common symptoms of a hangover are fatigue, headache, queasiness, dehydration and an overall sense of unease.”

We wanted to look at one more source so we took at look at who said:

“The symptoms themselves if severe enough can cause death. For example, in extreme cases dehydration can cause death. It’s also true that symptoms of a hangover can occur during alcoholic intoxication and after. If someone consumes enough alcohol to overdose then they could experience a hangover throughout their intoxication. So technically, a hangover can cause death but it might be a contributing factor more than the actual cause of death. Most of the effects of a hangover are headaches, dehydration, dry mouth, involuntary vomiting (which could be a sign of alcohol poisoning), increased body temperature and urges to use the bathroom.”

We recommend you read more about hangover symptoms and hangover cures. Keep in mind most people do not die from hangovers. You may also be interested in the how hungover are you test.

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3 Comments on "Can you Die from a Hangover?"

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  1. Dan Clarke says:

    It seems so scary. Dehydration is really dangerous. But it is common effect of hangover so, drink a lot of water.

  2. Tums says:

    You ain’t gonna die. Drink some water and have a bloody Mary then turn on hbo lay on the couch and shut up.

  3. mrmanny says:

    Drinking lots of water when hungover or juice is the worst thing ever drink couple.of beers .and believe me u gunna feel.much.better..
    I should.know been.drinking and getting hungvvers efor years

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