Cure Hangover by Thinking Ahead

hangover-cure-thinkingA key to hangover cure management is thinking ahead. This includes things like drinking water in between alcoholic beverages, having an ice cold Gatorade in the fridge, being careful which late night foods you eat and not pounding an old bottle of wine in your cupboard in a desperate search for alcohol at 2:00am.

Often times, not “thinking ahead” is the main reason that we end up with a hangover in the first place. We’re not telling you to be a worrywart, actually, we want the exact opposite for you. We want you to be able to control your drinking and manage your hangover so well, that the next day will never be a problem for you, and you’ll avoid suffering the pain that we, and many others have gone through.

Here are some hangover cures.

Getting Supplies

Every good hangover manager knows he or she may not be motivated to venture out of the house the next day, especially early in the morning. Getting supplies the night before is an excellent way to ensure that you can stay put until you feel comfortable heading back out into the world. When you’re at the store buying your booze, it is never a bad idea to stock up on plenty or water and other beverages, food, medication such as Advil, and possibly anti-hangover medication such as Chaser Tablets. Buy purchasing these items the night before you save yourself from having to purchase them the next day when you’re not feeling so hot. And by utilizing Chaser Tablets you will significantly reduce your hangover.

Drinking Water

It is well know that water and many sports drinks are hangover kryptonite, however, they can’t help you if you don’t drink them. Furthermore, you’ve got to drink nonalcoholic fluids at the right time. We’re not telling you to have a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage, in fact, we hope you don’t do that – we know a guy who does that and he is often the laughing stock of the bar. We are just saying that the more water your drink, the less hungover you will be.

Water consumption is absolutely essential. If you can drink one cup of water to match every alcoholic beverage you’ve had that night you’ll definitely feel much better the next day. Certain people will have no hangover the next day as a result of drinking water and others will. It’s all a matter of your age, metabolism, the amount of drinks you’ve had and your tolerance. Either way, water is great for you so drink it up! Remember that water poisoning is possible if you drink an extremely excessive amount, though. So don’t go too crazy. A good rule of thumb is to stick to a 1 to 2 ratio of water to alcoholic drinks. Plus, too much water and you’ll be up all night urinating anyway or you’ll fall asleep and wet the bed – never a classy move.

This is just a first step into the world of hangover management. Thinking ahead is extremely important, not just in curing hangovers but in life. Make sure to make smart moves when you are drinking.

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