Do Chaser Tablets Really Cure a Hangover?

chaser-tablets-hangover-cure-smallWe repot the facts on this site, and that means no BS when it comes to hangover cures. So when we say that Chaser Tablets work, you can believe us. Now that does mean they will work in every situation, but in this situation, they did. Let me explain.

The Hangover Story
A buddy and I out for a night of drinking and decided to talk Chaser Tablets. As directed, we took 2 tablets with our first drink, 2 more after 3 more drinks, and finally had 2 more after we had 3 more drinks. In total we took six Chaser Tablets and ended up drinking 12 beers. The beer we were drinking was light beer, Bud Light to be exact.
The Good
Upon arriving home we both had a glass of water and that was it. Now, in most cases 12 beers would mean that you would be hungover the next day. But Chaser tablets worked as an excellent hangover cure. In fact, when I woke up I was hardly hungover at all. Based on the how hungover are you test, I was only a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Pretty good!

The Downside
The downside of taking Chaser Tablets is that every though we had 12 beers, neither of us ever felt that drunk. In fact, we felt pretty sober for the whole night. So it was almost like we spent a bunch of money on beer but didn’t get to enjoy it. Now don’t get me wrong we were a little drunk, but not drunk at all as we should have been.
The Final Word on Chaser Hangover Cure
Chaser Tablets work! They really do. In fact, if you take Chaser as directed, lay off the shots, and drink some water before bed you will wake up with a very small hangover even after excessive drinking. The main issue with the tablets is that they don’t let you get that drunk, though. But overall, Hangover School recommends Chaser Tablets if you have a big night coming up, have the extra cash, and need an excellent hangover cure. Keep in mind you will still be a little hungover, but not even close to as hungover as you would be without the hangover cure.

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2 Comments on "Do Chaser Tablets Really Cure a Hangover?"

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  1. Ty says:

    This works. I don’t know who said it doesn’t but they probably used it wrong or must be a distributor of another product so they are trying to knock this product. I’m a drinker and I always feel bad when I wake up especially after too many drinks. Now that I use chaser I can actually hang With the ladies on a work night and drink how I wasn’t to and never have a hangover in the morning. This stuff really, actually, truly works.

  2. Lindo says:

    Chasers really work. I take them a little different then directed. In the middle of the night of drinking, I take 1 or 2 pills then at the end of the night/morning 3am, I top it off with 2 pills and a glass or two of water. I’ve been using these for years especially during the weekend fishing openers (poker, drinking, bar hopping). While my buddies wonder how I cannot feel like crap and have that pounding headache – I tell them chasers! Finally, I have one buddy that believes me now – he took them for the first time with me and felt good in the morning while the other 2 guys did not. My experience is you don’t have the treaded pounding headache but feel little tired in the morning. Bottoms up!

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