Drink Mercy Hangover Cure

Drink Mercy is a beverage hangover cure meant to be consumed before drinking or at least before drinking too much. It is caffeine free drink that contains a unique blend of amino acids, antioxidants & vitamins. The goal of the drink is to build up the bodies natural defenses before you get too drunk and ruin them.

Drink Mercy works hard to rid the body of acetaldehyde, the main hangover creating substance from alcohol. The drink claims to get rid of hangover symptoms like hangover headaches and hangover nausea. But the main goal of the drink is to actually get rid of these hangover symptoms before they start.

Drink Mercy Hangover Cure

Drink Mercy Hangover Cure

As a non-alcohol drink, the ingredients of Drink Mercy are meant to help you detox. The drink has a citrus flavor and many people actually enjoy having it in a cocktail, so that it counteracts the effects of alcohol as you consume it.

It is recommended that one can of Drink Mercy be consumed for every 5 alcohol drinks.

“Try MERCY with vodka, gin or Campari or mixed with champagne (a MERCY Mimosa) or white wine (MERCY Sangria). We recommend one can of MERCY for every five alcoholic beverages. Just remember that mixed drinks, such as a vodka MERCY, generally do not include a full can.” – Drink Mercy

Drink Mercy is a decent option for a preemptive hangover cure.

Do you like Drink Mercy? Comment below!

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  1. White Glossy says:

    I tried it out too.. and totally agree!!! Tired… parched… but completely functional and headache free!!! Yay Mercy!!!

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