Drinker’s Remorse

Drinker’s Remorse, A Side Effect of Binge Drinking

Drinker’s remorse is a very common symptom of being hungover which often occurs after excessive binge drinking. If you wake up and feel bad about yourself and/or what you did last night as a result of excessive alcohol consumption (binge drinking) you are experiencing drinker’s remorse. In short, drinkers remorse is a feel of guilt for drinking.

Why Does Drinker’s Remorse Occur?

Drinker’s remorse occurs because the body and mind has been suppressed as a result of excessive binge drinking. Sometimes an individual will experience drinker’s remorse even if they didn’t do anything wrong, simply because their body is having an adverse effect to drinking. Many people think that this is only a teenage drinking problem, but drinker’s remorse effects binge drinkers regardless of their age.

How Long Does Drinker’s Remorse Last?

The length of the depressed state known as drinker’s remorse depends greatly on the individual and the quantity of binge drinking involved. If you are a positive person who exercises regularly you have a better chance of getting over drinkers remorse sooner. In most cases drinker’s remorse only lasts a few hours to a day. However, in the case that something really stupid was done when drinking it can last up to three days.

How to Avoid Drinker’s Remorse?

If you would like to avoid drinker’s remorse all together simply limit your alcohol consumption and try to never binge drink. Also, when you are drinking alcohol make sure not to do anything you will regret later.

How to get Rid of Drinker’s Remorse?

The fastest way to get rid of drinker’s remorse is to:

  1. Exercise
  2. Drink more alcohol (not always the best choice)
  3. Resolve the situation you are feeling remorseful about

More About Drinkers Remorse

If you drink alcohol at some point you will experience drinker’s remorse. When this occurs do your best not to worry about it. Everyone has gone through it at some time. After a while, if you find yourself continually doing really stupid things when you are drinking you may want to drink less. That of course is up to you. We are HangoverSchool and we like to get drunk, and we love drinker’s remorse! It’s the only way we are reminded of what we did the night before!

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