Drinking more than two bottles of Red Label! | Hangover Story

This is a user submitted story. Hangover School has nothing to do with this, we are just passing it along.

It was a night after music exams! Me and my cousins drank two bottles of Red Label, some shots and beers! Woke up at 6 am at the hotel with only 2 hours to go to the hearing exams! The fridge was massacred, I had no pants and I was wearing for some reason a Hello Kitty watch! I was with my cousin and the thing is that when we got down a pitbull tied in a rope attacked us! The guard told us that we brought it there at around 5 am! Called my other cousin who could remember and he explained us that we picked a fight, played darts (and broke 15 glasses as a result) puked all the way and then he left us! Still don’t know how I lost my pants, I got this Hello Kitty thing and this… dog!

It is safe to say that this person had a Red Label hangover!

Red Label Hangover

Red Label Hangover

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