Insane Floatopia San Diego Hangover Story!

Float-A-Palooza: See Link Below for Real Pics

Float-A-Palooza: See Link Below for Real Pics

If you went to Floatopia in San Diego’s Mission Bay a few weeks ago you know it was shear madness. People were so drunk and the party was pretty much insane. I met up with a group of people as things were winding down, or at least that is what I thought.

As I walked up to my buddy’s house in PB I see wasted people carrying around their rafts from Floatopia. If you don’t know what Floatopia is well its basically a ton of people on rafts drinking all day. They drink on rafts in the bay because you are not allowed to drink on the beach or bay, but just as long as your feet aren’t touching the sand it’s technically legal.

Anyway, I get up to his house and there is a guy passed out in raft, a girl puking and about six other people still pounding beers. My buddy comes up to me and says, “Dude you missed it! It was so insane! But it’s OK we’re going to a party right now, all you can drink.” Everyone had a hangover story to tell.

I agree to go to the party and drive the crew down the street since I am the only sober one. We get there are chaos erupts. They had tons of free booze, I mean tons, and they also had a pretty sweet band. One of my friends decides that he wants to dance and heads out on the floor. At this point he is gone. He takes off his shoes and steps in a bunch of glass. The guy doesn’t even care that his feet are bleeding. At the same time he is smoking a cigarette and put it’s it our directly into another guys eye.

The other guy was pretty pissed off and it took him a little while to recover. He was OK thankfully.

Just then the party starts to turn its attention in one area. Wondering what is going on I ask a guy, he says, “Dude a guy just fell in the fire pit.” “No freaking way,” I say.

I walk over to the fire pit and guess who fell in, my wasted friend who had the cigarette put out in his eye. Apparently he was OK. I guess he fell on his back and his trusty North Face jacket shielded the fire.

Once the guy recovered from falling in the fire he decided to play a little tune. He walked up and started jamming on the guitar players electric. His tunes were pretty sweet and people gave him some decent applause.

So after all was said and done it was a pretty good night. No one got seriously hurt or arrested. The guy who fell in the fire went home with a girl who is now his girl friend and the guy who cut up his feet went back to L.A. where he belongs. Just another after Floatopia party, nothing new.

If you want to see pics from Floatopia you can find them here:

Submitted by Hungover in San Diego – April 14, 2010

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