Forget Hangovers Hangover Cure Review

Forget Hangovers is a hangover cure that you can buy at a local store or from the Forget Hangovers website. In this post we will tell you a little about the Forget Hangovers hangover cure patch.

How Forget Hangovers Works

Forget Hangovers Hangover Cure Review

Forget Hangovers Hangover Cure Review

Like many hangover cure products the Forget Hangovers patch is intended to be applied before drinking. Simply take the patch and place it on an area of your skin with no body hair. The Forget Hangovers patch contains 75 milligrams of Thiamin, also known as Vitamin B-1 which is an ingredient that is depleted when drinking.

The Forget Hangovers patch will slowly release Vitamin B-1 into your bloodstream for the next 36-48 hours. According to Forget Hangovers, this hangover cure will replenish Vitamin B-1 as you loose it and thus, you have no hangover the next day.

What is the Affect of Thiamin (Vitamin B-1)

Forget Hangovers believes Thiamin plays an important role in metabolizing alcohol. By using the Forget Hangovers patch the Thiamin will aid the liver in the cleansing process. By eliminating the Thiamin deficiency we stop dehydration and restore normal brain function.

When to Use the Patch

The Forget Hangovers patch can be used at any place or time. It should be noted that using the Forget Hangovers patch will not stop you from getting drunk; it will only lessen your hangover.

Hangover School on Forget Hangovers

The Forget Hangovers patch is a good concept to prevent hangovers. However, wearing a patch while drinking can often be a nuisance and in many cases they fall off if not applied properly. The release of Vitamin B-1 into the bloodstream is definitely a benefit of this product and it will most likely slightly prevent your hangover. While this is the case, the water hangover cure, Vitamin Water hangover cure or Pedialyte hangover cure may be a better option.

What do you think of this hangover cure? Add a comment below!

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