Funny Hungover Tweets

Funny Tweets from Hungover People on Twitter

Funny Hungover Tweets from TwitterIf you use Twitter you know that people like to comment on their hangover stories and hangover cures. Here are some of the better hungover tweets.

manicmongoose: Blergh, awkward situation. Walking sound oxford street hungover and looking rough… Bump into an ex. Great…

oohducky: Damn I’m hungover and I hate it,I feel embarrassedlol..I think I threw up on his lap.LOL Hahahaha

lindzinlove: Death is near… So fu$$kn hungover.

whomikejohn: Taking a final hungover/kinda drunk just so I can fail #wtfamidoing

Blondieshortie: is really really really really really hungover. Ommggggggggggggg

AshleyLynn84: I am NEVER drinking like that again. HOLY CRAP! I think I am still drunk. But yet….SO HUNGOVER. WOW.

AllaireGaudette: It is way too hot out to be this hungover

These Tweeters Probably Look Like This!

These Tweeters Probably Look Like This!

likeomgitsana: Haven’t been this hungover since November. And i got called into work 4 hours early. Awesome.

Tbacon28: Quote piper “all I wanna do today is be hungover….and maybe eat a sandwich”

Kristin_Waters: I couldn’t be more hungover. Still.

DebHalonen: sundays are great laundry days… i should make sunday my laundry day every week, unless too hungover then it defaults back to monday

WendySparrow: Our neighbor is outside cleaning up after last night’s giant bonfire party… (lots and lots of empties) and he looks soooo hungover.

DreaTorres: Locked out of the house: cold, tired, and hungover FML

mollyliekthrust: when you wake up, hungover, you wish you were sober.

DellWaring: fml, i’m gonna be hungover to fuck in the mooooooorning

Josh_Johnson1: Finally not hungover! Worst one of my life and its over already 🙂 yea buddy awwright 🙂

gg112pm: RT @juliebenz: Never go grocery shopping when you are hungover and thirsty…. You end up buying way too many vitamin drinks.. Just sayin’…

aypro: @jpauldaigle magnitude of hangover? i think i’ll still be hungover tomorrow.

Jimmysiv: Ninja please!!!!! RT @20millionrupees: Hungover like a mug, should have never drank fug man

asiababyyyx96: get drunk, be hungover, get drunk, be hungover, &repeat. hahha story of me & ellen dawn calverts lifee.

AboutJacques: So last night was fun? RT @karinashelton:, @thesea_siren has her hungover giggles and I want to hit her in the face!

@LngHarThicRedBn uhg super hungover off of reisling. what a freaking night lol #lightweight

yourfaveblonde: You guys, I am officially so hungover I might die. Going to bed now. If you haven’t heard from me in a few hours, come check on me!

saracenic Hungover, in some sort of shooting pain, but gettin’ my free comic book day on. You?

jemphoto21: I don’t think I’ve ever been this hungover. Give me greasy food please.

@winterwarmth365 lmao…dammit…u cheated b/c I’m hungover and didnt remember wat day it was lmao

La_Wendy: Hate wen I’m hungover & I turn too fast and my head starts spinning haven’t had one of these in I don’t know how long

ranalees: sooo Im a lil hungover but in a fanfreakintastic mood. It is beautiful outside and its Sat. so what more can u ask for.

heatheralxandra: The fact I’m in my bed, hungover, wallowing in self pity and too scared to check how much money I spent last night means i had a good night

claytonfarris: Just woke up expecting to not know where I was, but I am home. Thank you to whoever dropped me off. #hungover

KellyParadiso: In burbank airport waiting for flight to vegas. Oh I feel hungover! Breakfast burrito really didn’t help!!!!

Didn’t get enough? Check back next week for more hangover school hungover tweets. Until then, read more below:

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