Funny Short Hangover Stories!

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Hangover Stories1. Four bottles of Jack Daniels (which should come with Bail Money), drank till 4am only to be woken up five minutes before our first OTL (Over the Line) game at 7am, FIVE minutes before the start of the game. Needless to say, I puked my guts out in the 2nd inning… insult to injury? Lost the game 0-16…

2. After a fifth of 180 proof rum shared between me and my brother it took me three days to discover that someone threw up out the window, it took me a week to remember it was me.

3. For some reason decided it was a good idea to mix 7 different kinds of alcohol in a water bottle. Drank the whole thing with 4 friends and went to party. Fell down a hill drunk. Two of them puked. It was a school party and they made us all walk the line. We all got kicked out. On the way home everyone was sick and puking. We finally made it back to my buddy’s house and he ran up to his room on the second floor of the house. He stuck his head out the window and puked from the second story window on to our car below. Parents were pissed! I thought it was hilarious. Which just made them more pissed.

4. I was drinking all day at the beach with some drunk girls who all started taking their tops off and making out. I was wasted and couldn’t drive so I hitchhiked home. Once I made it there I was too drunk to sleep so went out downtown. I met up with some random bachelorette party and bought them all shots and took one home and got lucky!! I was so hungover the next day I wanted to die. But it was worth it!

5. It was a rainy day and we had nothing to do. My buddy and I drank a bottle of Southern Comfort. I was so drunk I couldn’t even talk. I could think straight but not talk. He invited some girls over and I was like “huubajuba.” They thought I was a loser!

6. I was so wasted I fell down a hill and broke a tree in half. Then I couldn’t get back up.

7. I thought these girls were my friends but they disliked me. I went to their house and made casadias by myself in the kitchen. They were unhappy with my culinary creations. We took shots of tequila and then I puked in their planter. Haha bitches!

8. We went to Charger game and drank all freaking day. Then we went out downtown. One dude bought a pizza. He was standing 5 feet away from some guy he didn’t even know. He took the pizza and threw it right on his shirt! He left the hugest pizza stain all over the dudes shirt. Then we went back to friends house and the same guy puked all over the guys brand new couch! And all of the rest of the house. PUKE EVERYWHERE!

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  1. Oh, good, you guys should have tried Security Feel Better. Nothing of this would’ve happened!!

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