GNC Mega Man Sport Hangover Cure

GNC Mega Man Sport is a very intense multivitamin. We had heard from many Hangover School subscribers that taking vitamins before bed can alleviate a hangover. To put this to the test, we decided to take one GNC Mega Man Sport pill before bed after drinking.

Does GNC Mega Man Sport Cure a Hangover?

During this test the person drank 7 beers and normally would have been very hungover the next day. By taking the GNC Mega Man Sport and drinking 2 glasses of water, the person reduced their hangover by over 60%!

Overall, it has been shown that taking the GNC pill before bed can alleviate a hangover. But why does taking this pill work? The main reason it is effective is because it contains a significant amount of vitamin B and C. The combination of these vitamins, along with the others listed below, does a great job to reduce hangovers the next day.

Here is a sample of some of the ingredients.

GNC Mega Man Sport Hangover Cure

When Will GNC Mega Man Sport Not Work?

The pill will not work if you have had far too many drinks over your limit. Also, if you are taking shots it will most likely not get rid of your hangover. This hangover cure really only works if you have been drinking moderately and have a few glasses of water as well.

Have you tried this hangover cure? Comment below! It is a good one!

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