Are you Hungover from Halloween? Halloween Hangover Cures!

Do you have a hangover from drinking too much at a Halloween party? Well, here is a news flash for you. So does everyone else! Most everyone drinks too much when at Halloween parties. Here is why.

Why People Drink too Much at Halloween Parties

halloween-hangover-cureDressing up is awkward. Halloween is the only time of year where you intentionally dress up like an idiot, yet still desperately seek the approval of those around you. A great reason to drink.

Girls Look Hot in Halloween Costumes. When girls dress up in slutty outfits for Halloween they look smoking hot. This often leads to guys staying at parties way too long, and drinking way too much while they desperately try to hook up.

Parties have Lots of Alcohol. Everyone knows that Halloween parties need tons of booze to be great. Because of this, Halloween party throwers almost always have plenty of different mixed drinks, a recipe for hangovers.

How to Cure a Halloween Hangover

If you are hungover the day after Halloween and looking for a hangover cure, here is what you can do.

First, kick the person you hooked up with out of your house. Just use one of these hangover excuses for not hanging out with people when you are hungover. Next, burn your Halloween costume and take the how hungover are you test. Following this, puke 17 times all over your house and tell your roommate that a criminal has been puking in houses all around the neighbor hood. When your roommate is cleaning up your puke, this will give you the opportunity to sit in your room at secretly laugh to yourself.

These Tweeters Probably Look Like This!

That should kill a few hours, and just as long as you do not have a three day hangover you will be well on your way to getting better. If you are still hungover from Halloween and looking for something to do, go out on your street and pick up all the broken pieces of pumpkin laying around. Tape them together and make a pumpkin helmet/mask. Then, head over to your parents house and ask them for $20 dollars to go see a shrink. After they see how hungover you are from Halloween and cry because you are wearing a pumpkin helmet they will surly give you $20. You can then use the $20 to purchase one of the following Halloween hangover cures:

  • Advil
  • Water
  • Gateorade
  • Vitamin Water
  • Good Hangover Food
  • Etc.

Good luck with your Halloween hangover! And thanks for reading our crazy Halloween hangover post! Keep in mind, almost everyone is hungover with you!

Tell us about your Halloween hangover below!

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