Hangover Cures that Work

So we have a lot of hangover cures on this website. It can be hard to find the right hangover cure for you. Because of this, we wanted to list hangover cures that really work. Here is a list of the top hangover cures from Hangover School.

Number 1: Vitamin Water Hangover Cure
You really can’t go wrong with this hangover cure. It is very easy to drink. No matter what level hangover you have you can consume it. Vitamin Water is packed with B vitamins. Furthermore, it will rehydrate you. The only issue is that sometimes this isn’t enough.

Number 2: Pedialyte Hangover Cure
The pedialyte hangover cure works like a charm. After a night of drinking, break open a pack of pedialyte and mix it with water. Drink down the mixture and wait a short amount of time. You will feel rehydrated and should be able to go about your day.

Number 3: Advil Hangover Cure
Advil will cure your hangover, as will extra strength Tylenol. Being a pain killer it will make you feel better in 20 to 30 minutes. The only issue with this hangover cure is that you cannot use it too frequently. The main issue is that pain killers are very bad for your stomach and liver.

Number 4: Exercise Hangover Cure
Look really the best thing you can do when you are hungover is to sweat it out. Do a little yoga or go for a light run. By sweating the alcohol out of your system you will clean out your body. Once you have done this simply rehydrate.

Number 5: Chaser Plus Hangover Cure
This is the only paid, specific hangover cure that made the list. Chaser Plus does work, however, you need to take it while you are drinking. But there is another kicker too, if you take this while you drink you never really get drunk. That being said, take Chaser Plus and drink away, your hangover will be much smaller when you wake up than if you did not take it.

Number 6: Ginger Ale Hangover Cure
If you have an upset stomach ginger ale will help you out. It can also relive nausea. Many people use ginger ale when they are hungover for these reasons.

Number 7: Banana Hangover Cure
If you are not too hungover a banana is a good option. When you drink your body looses potassium in large qualities. Bananas are a very approachable food, and one that humans have been enjoying for decades. If you are hungover a banana is a great option.

Number 8: Orange Juice and Egg Hangover Cure
This is one of the most popular hangover cures in England. The orange juice envigorates your body with vitamin c and the egg supplies protein to the blood stream. We have tested this and it does work. However, there is the risk of salmonella. Make sure you have a good egg.

Number 9: Acupressure Hangover Cure
By pushing on certain areas of your neck and hand you can slightly relieve a hangover. This can be a good cure to use for a small hangover. In particular, it can help with a hangover headache.

Is There a Best Hangover Cure?
No matter what anyone says, there is really not one cure for a hangover. The best thing you can do is use a series of cures. This will give you the best result. If you wake up and you are really hungover, get some fluid in you and take an Advil. Then head out for a nice walk, come back and hydrate and eat some healthy food. If you can take a nap, do so. Hangovers can be tough, but you’ll get through it! If you need more help please visit the hangover cure section of this site.

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6 Comments on "Hangover Cures that Work"

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  1. Nicole D says:

    These are good hangover cures but i want a bloody mary!!! lol

  2. Sam says:

    I am hungover!

  3. Hungover Shmitty says:

    I like that these are actually real hangover cures, things that will make you feel better. Not just a bunch of nonsense. These hangover cures work like the vitamin water one is awesome, i use it all the time. I am not sure about that acupressure cure but whatever. I hate being hungover i hope the world finds the perfect way to deal with this issue soon, it looks like this hangover school site is well on the way. Keep it up oh hangover avenger we commend your efforts.

  4. miss swed says:

    i fucking adore this site, i wish i found it b4 ive hand hangovers from hell! good job

  5. Mystery man says:

    i am totally into a hangover right now.
    puked as hell last night.
    one thing is sure that m never drinking again.

    had some ginger tea after i woke up(great reliever), and then had brunch.
    i thing i missed out that its true that cheese should be avoided in the immediate meals after drinking.

    fresh lime water and pineapple seem good alternatives too.

  6. Flick says:

    Electrolytes help rehydrate the body and replace lost minerals, minimizing hangover symptoms such as headaches and general sluggishness.

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