12 Hangover Excuses to Use When you are Hungover

You know when you are really hungover? So hungover that you don’t want to do anything, no YOU can’t do anything because you just feel like a number 10 on the hangover scale! You know what I am talking about. We felt that way yesterday… Ugggg…

Well here are some excuses you can use to get out of stuff when you are hunogver. They work every time.

1. My Dog is Sick: Simply tell the party you are supposed to see that your dog is sick. If they say, “oh that is lame man.” Just tell them that your dog is having stomach problems and is going all over the house and you need to follow him around and clean up.

2. Claim Extreme Narcissism: If you tell your friend that you have a case of extreme narcisim and must build a statue of yourself immediatly, it will allow you to cancel your plans. Make sure before you hang up you say, “I love you.” When the person says, “what?” Say, “I was talking to myself.”

hungover-excuses3. You are Training for a Marathon: If you tell the person that you have to do something physically active, when in fact you really just have to fight a horrible hangover, they will think you are a better person than you really are. 

4. You Have to Help Someone Move: The old I have to help someone move trick works every time. By pulling this card when you are hungover you look like a good samaritan, opposed to a drunken hungover bum who can barely get out of bed.

5. You Have to Do Stuff Around the House: Be careful if you use this excuse, it does not always hold up. But if you really don’t give a shit about the person you are supposed to hangout with and feel like putting absolutely no effort into coming up with an excuse this is an easy card to pull.

6. I’m Bipolar and Don’t Have my Meds: If you tell your friend that you are bipolar and you need to find your meds they will not want to hangout with you anyway. If you do this, make sure to scream, “I hate you!” And then laugh uncontrollably in the phone before you hangup.

7.  Throw Balls on Roof and Catch Them: If you tell the person that you are supposed to hangout with that you can’t because you need to throw tennis balls on the roof and wait for them to roll back down so that you can catch them, they will think that you are so insane that they won’t want to hangout with you.

8. Study for School or Work: You can say this…

9. Dang Fever: OK, if you are going to claim Dang Fever you better get your story straight. First, where did you get the Dang Fever? Also, what doctor diagnosed you and when? All we’re saying is that if you are going to claim Dang Fever to beat hanging out with someone when you are hungover you better do it right, OK? This is not amateur hour here.

10. Too Cool: Just tell your friend that you are too cool to hangout with them. It will then ruin your friendship and you will never see them again, or have to hangout with them when you have a hangover.

11. Going Swamping: Tell the person you are trying a new activity called swamping where you go jump in swamps.

12. Alligator Baseball: This is a classic, just let them know you caught a few baby alligators and you are going to use them as baseball bats and go play a couple of innings with some other guys. Nothing beats a good old game of alligator baseball. And in most cases, you friend will think the activity too odd to join.

Did we forget one of your favorite excuses? Add a hangover excuse below! We hope your hangover goes away soon!

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5 Comments on "12 Hangover Excuses to Use When you are Hungover"

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  1. crissy says:

    lol love em!

  2. dan f says:

    I want you to know that this post is ridiculous! Just say you are hungover, that is the best excuse of all!

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