Hangover Glossary

hangover-glossaryHangover Glossary

This glossary of hangover terms is intended to be  utilized by those who are hungover or seeking hungover knowledge. All terms have been defined by HangoverSchool.com experts.

Being Hungover is the state of physical and mental depression that occurs after excessive drinking. When one is hungover they feel symptoms such as fatigue, headache, stomach ache, dizziness, etc. People have been hungover since the introduction of alcohol tens of thousands of years ago. Today, people fight the effects of being hungover through physical, medicinal and mental strategies and cures.

Similarly to the term Hungover, the term hangover is used to symbolize the physical and metal depression that occurs as a result of excessive drinking. Hangover is the more widely known term. However, both terms are valid. Here is an example of how the terms should be properly used.

“I have a horrible hangover and cannot make it to work today.”

“I am too hungover to go out again tonight.”

Hangover Cures
A Hangover Cure is a physical, mental or medicinal strategy used to reverse the effects of being hungover. Hangover cures have been utilized since the inception of alcohol. Hangover cures have varying levels of effectiveness. People respond hangover cures differently, it is important to find the method that supports you and your hangover best.

Hangover Story
A Hangover Story is the recount of an event that occurred while one was engaged in drinking alcohol. Hangover stories often involve funny incidents that would normal not occur while sober. People enjoy telling hangover stories because it allows them the opportunity to share their partying experiences with others.

Drunk is a term used to describe a person who has consumed an excessive amount of an alcoholic beverage. The state of being drunk occurs when one has far exceeded the limit of alcohol they can consume while still maintaining the ability to function properly. Other slang terms with similar meanings include obliterated, wasted, smashed, annihilated and destroyed.

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