Hangover Heaven, Hangover Heaven Review

Hangover Heaven Review

Hangover Heaven is the latest way to deal with your hangover when you are in Las Vegas. Basically, you can schedule an appointment with Hangover Heaven for a time when you know you are going to be hungover. Hangover Heaven will then come to where you are and administer an IV directly into your bloodstream. By doing so, you will become more hydrated and your hangover symptoms will go away.

Does Hangover Heaven Work?

Based on all feedback, yes, Hangover Heaven does work. It takes about 45 minutes for the fluids to begin making you feel better and the hangover will gradually fade away. The Founder of Hangover Heaven is Dr. Jason Burke, who completed his medical degree at Duke University. According to Hangover Heaven, “All our medications and equipment are FDA Approved . All of our supplies are single use and sterile. Patient safety is a primary goal of our business and you will be well taken care of during your time at Hangover Heaven.”

Is Hangover Heaven Dangerous?

The Hangover Heaven site clearly states that alcohol can kill you and Hangover Heaven cannot reverse death. So keep that in mind. Also, whenever you are using an IV there is the chance of infection. While this is true, Hangover Heaven does state that all of their equipment is sterile.


Hangover Heaven has three packages that range from $100 a person to $500 a person. This depends on whether or not you request in-room service and the amount of time you pump the IV into your bloodstream.

Summary of Hangover Heaven

Hangover Heaven is a new hangover cure service based in Las Vegas. As of right now, we do not know how effective it is, but we have heard great things.

Have you tried Hangover Heaven? Leave a review below!

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