Hangover Questions Answered: Hangover FAQs

In this post we will address commonly asked hangover questions. Please note, we are not doctors here at Hangover School. We have simply be hungover SO many times. Probably more times than any doctor, for what that is worth :). Learn the answers to all of your hangover questions below.

How Long do Hangovers Last?

The length of a hangover is dependent on how bad the hangover is. The level of the hangover is determined by how much you drank and how many hangover cures you used during your drinking process. For example, if you drank 5 glasses of water while you were drinking your hangover would not be as bad. In general, hangovers last about a day in their entirety. But if it is a really bad hangover it can last up to 3 days.

Should you Take a Nap if you are Hungover?

If you are hungover taking a nap is a good idea. However, when you take the nap you can become dehydrated. Make sure to drink a little water before your nap or at least drink a couple glasses right when you wake up. Many times when you wake up from a nap when you are hungover you will feel groggy. This should pass in about 30 minutes if you drink water.

What is the Best Hangover Cure?

There are many hangover cures out there. Different things work better for different people. Overall, the most universal hangover cures are water, Advil, Pedialyte, Vitamin Water and exercise. You can read more hangover cures here.

What Alcohol Makes you the Most Hungover?

For the most part, dark alcohol makes people the most hungover. Alcohol such as whisky, Tequila, bourbon, scotch and Jagermeister cause very bad hangovers.

What Alcohol Leaves you the Least Hungover?

Light beer and vodka are the alcohols that provide the least hangovers. However, if you drink too much of these you will still get hungover.

Do Hangover get Worse with Age?

Yes, the older you get the worse your hangovers will be. Generally hangovers start getting bad in your mid-twenties. They will become worse at 30 and even worse at 40. Usually people will start to drink less as they get older so that they are not as hungover.

Can you Die from a Hangover?

You can feel like you are going to die if you are hungover, but in most all cases you will not die. We have seen hundreds of people with horrible hangovers and none of them have died. While that is the case, it is technically possible but highly unlikely to die from just a hangover alone.

Why do Some People Not Get Hangovers?

Some people have a higher tolerance to alcohol so they don’t get hangovers. Generally, right when you start drinking you will not be hungover often. But the more frequently you drink the worse your liver gets at processing the alcohol, making your hangovers worse and worse.

How Should you Deal with Hangover Nausea?

Hangover nausea is a very common hangover symptom. In fact, it is one of the most common. Dealing with hangover nausea is 90% mental. Keep in mind that the nausea will pass. You can also take Tylenol or Advil to deal with hangover nausea (but be careful, it is bad for your live! Read the full article). Furthermore, drinking water and going for a light walk will also help.

How can you Tell if Someone is Hungover?

If the person looks sick, tiered and seems irritable there is a good chance they are hungover. If you want to confirm if they are hungover simply ask them what they did last night or ask them to take the how hungover are you test.

Should you Puke if you are Hungover?

If your stomach hurts and you are hungover sometimes the best thing to do is just puke. If you puke when you are hungover you will usually feel much better.

Do Hangover Pills Work?

Most of the hangover cure pills do not work unfortunately. But Chaser tablets actually do work to an extent. They will allow you to have much less of a hangover than if you do not take them. The only issue is that when you take them it is much harder to get a buzz from the alcohol.

Is There a Pressure Point Hangover Cure?

Yes, there are certain pressure points that when touched will relieve your hangover. These places include the temples and the wrists. You can read about the pressure point hangover cure here.

How Can you get Rid of a Hangover Headache?

Usually a hangover headache occurs because you are dehydrated. Simply drink a few glasses of water and it should go away.

Can you Get Blurred Vision from a Hangover?

Yes, you can get blurred vision from a hangover. This occurs because your head is foggy and trying to fight off the alcohol. Usually this symptom passes in a 2 to 5 hours.

Do Hangovers Make your Eyes Red?

Yes, most people will have red eyes when they are hungover. This is mostly from sleeping poorly.

Do Hangovers Make your Heart Race?

Yes, if you are really hungover it can make your heart work overtime. This will cause your heart to race. This is a common hangover symptom. However, if you have this symptom you should really consider drinking less. Drink some water and relax to deal with this.

Do People Get Depressed when they are Hungover?

Yes, it is a common term called Drinker’s Remorse. Drinker’s remorse occurs when you are depressed because you drank too much and feel bad about it.

Hangover a question about hangovers? Ask below!

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2 Comments on "Hangover Questions Answered: Hangover FAQs"

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  1. Stevieeee says:

    Man when i have a hangover i feel like i am going to die. I never want to have a hangover again. The first time i had one i called my mom. She said take a alkasetzer and have an advil. That made me feel better. Next time i will try some of these cures.

  2. Tina says:

    This article states to take Tylenol for nausea. Do not do this. Tylenol is acetaminophen which is hard on your liver and not recommended for a hangover. It will overtax your liver trying to detox both and can lead to liver problems!

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