Hangover Remedies that Work

The best hangover remedies help to combat the symptoms without either prolonging them or adding other problems to the mix. Among the remedies for a hangover that are presented on a common basis, time is the most reliable and effective. However, there is no reason for hung-over individuals to suffer in silence because there are a number of remedies that can make lasting out the hangover a much more bearable experience.

Here are some examples:

Eggs as a Hangover Remedy

A number of foods can be eaten to supply the body with nutrients needed to combat the after effects of alcohol consumption. Eggs are one such example because they contain cysteine, which helps to break down toxic acetaldehyde in the liver. Other potential sources of cysteine include chicken, red peppers, and even yogurt.

Eggs Are One of the Best Hangover Remedies

Eggs Are One of the Best Hangover Remedies

Fruit Juice Hangover Remedies

Many have considered orange juice such as Tropicana to be one of the best hangover remedies

Many have considered orange juice such as Tropicana to be one of the best hangover remedies

Fruit juice can help combat a number of alcohol’s negative effects on the system. First, drinking fruit juice helps to replace the nutrients lost during both urination and vomiting, while the liquid also helps hung-over individuals to keep from getting dehydrated. Second, there are indications that drinking fruit juice can help the body process the chemical byproducts from drinking alcohol faster, which results in a speedier recovery. Third, the sugar contained in fruit juice helps to provide the body with the energy needed to combat morning fatigue.

High-fat Foods to Cure a Hangover

Although foods containing lots of fat are not hangover remedies that work after the onset of the hangover, these foods still merit a mention for being quite effective at either preventing or at least reducing the symptoms of hangovers in the morning. Most foods are effective at reducing the symptoms of hangover, but fatty foods such as pizza, sausages, and fried chicken wings are particularly effective due to their fat content. In general, ingested food clings to the lining of the stomach and helps to reduce the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Fats are particularly effective at doing so because they cling to the stomach lining longer. Although the alcohol still ends up being absorbed into the bloodstream, the same amount of alcohol ends up being absorbed across a longer period of time, meaning that the body has to deal with fewer byproducts of the process at any one time. If you live in Portland, you need to try this place.

Painkiller Remedy for Headaches and More

Advil is a Known Remedy, But if Can Also Have Negative Health Effects. Make Sure to Consult a Doctor.

Advil is a Known Remedy, But if Can Also Have Negative Health Effects. Make Sure to Consult a Doctor.

Painkillers help to relieve pain. Considering that hangovers often come with headaches and aches in other parts of the body, the usefulness of painkillers for hung-over individuals should be obvious. However, it is important to remember that common painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can have more serious side effects when alcohol is active in the system. According to the Mayo Clinic, one example is acetaminophen which can cause increased damage to the liver when it shares the system with alcohol. As a result, the same source recommends that hung-over individuals take smaller doses than usual to combat their symptoms.

Get Some Sleep

Getting some more rest is one of the hangover remedies that work because the body needs time to deal with the byproducts from the absorption of alcohol. Not only does going back to bed help to give hung-over individuals the time needed to process the source of the problem, but it also helps them to ignore the symptoms and get the rest needed to speed up the healing process. In the end, time is the only hangover remedy that is guaranteed to work, though getting more sleep certainly results in hung-over individuals getting the time needed to heal.

Water Hangover Remedies

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that individuals who take up drinking are going to find themselves urinating more in the near future. As a result, hung-over individuals need to drink a lot of water to stave off the threat of dehydration. Having more water in their system helps to ensure that the byproducts responsible for their condition are more diluted, which can help reduce the symptoms of being hung-over. Similarly, water that has had salt and sugar added can also help to restore lost nutrients such as sodium, though picking up a bottle of sports beverage can be the simpler solution so long as it is not carbonated and contains no caffeine.

Ineffective Remedies For Hangovers

Many Turn to Coffee When Looking for Hangover Remedies, But the Fact is that if Can be the Opposite. Although it will Relive Fatigue.

Many Turn to Coffee When Looking for Hangover Remedies, But the Fact is that if Can be the Opposite. Although it will Relive Fatigue.

Given how popular drinking has been across all cultures and all periods in time, it should come as no surprise that a lot of purported hangover cures have sprung up and are still lingering around in the popular consciousness. Examples range from drinking more alcohol in the morning to eating burnt toast, drinking coffee, and ingesting unusual substances such as hot sauce. Although some of these hangover cures can help conceal one symptom of the condition or another for short periods of time, most of them come with horrible side effects. For example, drinking more alcohol in the morning dulls the pain at the cost of further pain later on as the additional alcohol gets digested. Similarly, drinking coffee helps to stimulate the body and reduce headaches by constricting blood vessels, but also comes with the problem of prolonging the hangover by causing dehydration. Of course, there are also purported remedies for a hangover that serve as little more than distractions. After all, even if hot sauce cannot be counted among the effective remedies, someone gullible and trusting enough to down a bottle is going to have more immediate concerns than hangover symptoms. View a rating of hangover remedies here to see if they actually work.


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