Hangover Symptoms, Symptoms of a Hangover You Should Know

Hangovers have a variety of hangover symptoms. By defining the symptoms of a hangover you can do a better job finding a hangover cures. In the post we cover the main reason that people get hungover. Read this post to see if what you feel is a symptom of hangover. If you do, we are sorry. We have been hungover so many times so we know exactly how you feel.

Hangover Symptoms

Hangover Headache

Hangover Symptoms

Hangover Symptoms

A headache is a common hangover symptom caused by dehydration and excessive stress on the liver. When the liver is under stress it becomes difficult for the organ to product glucose and brain cells need this nutrient to operate properly.

This hangover symptom also comes from the inflammatory properties of alcohol. When you drink alcohol it causes inflation and in turn your brain and muscles can pulsate. This is why anti-inflammatory drugs are often used as a hangover cure. Learn more about hangover headaches.

Hangover Nausea

Another hangover symptom is hangover nausea. This is a very common symptom of a hangover that is not easily cured. Hangover nausea occurs when you suddenly feel sick or weak after a night of drinking. This symptom of a hangover usually comes and goes. If you are experiencing really bad hangover symptoms, hangover nausea can come and go multiple times throughout the day. If you are experiencing hangover nausea do not worry, it is very common. Often a cold shower, nap, or drinking cold water can help this symptom of a hangover subside. If you are experiencing hangover nausea you clearly drank too much and are most likely dehydrated. Learn more about hangover nausea.

Puking from a Hangover

Whenever you puke from a hangover you know you are experiencing hangover symptoms. Puking from a hangover is never fun and it usually happens after a night of drinking hard alcohol. If you wake up and puke from being hungover you know that you are in for a bad day. The best thing to do is puke as much as you need to, drink some water and then go back to sleep. Puking from a hangover is not a fun hangover symptom, but it is not uncommon. If you have this hangover symptom it is better to puke than not to puke, because keeping the alcohol down will only prolong your hangover. If you are puking you may want to take the how hungover are you test (this is a joke test for diagnosing hangover symptoms).

Fast Heart Rate

One very common hangover symptom is increased heart rate. This generally occurs right when you wake up after a night of drinking. Increased heart rate from drinking can be scary, but it is a common hangover symptom. While this is the case, it is not good. Really the best way to settle you heart down is to cleanse your body of the alcohol by drinking some cold water. Some people also enjoy exercising and sweating the alcohol out.  There is really no good way to cure this hangover symptom. The best thing you can do is relax, drink water and not drink so much the next time. While this is the case, rapid heart rate is a common hangover symptom which usually decreases throughout the day. Learn more about a racing heart from alcohol.

Hangover Blurred Vision

One prevalent hangover symptom is blurry vision; this can be especially noticeable if you are looking at a white background. Blurry vision is fairly normal but is usually an indication of a very big night of drinking. In most cases, if you are experiencing blurry vision as a hangover symptom you will also have a headache and waves or nausea, maybe even increased heart rate too. To cure a hangover such as this you will need time. Hangovers with all of these symptoms are usually in the 6 to 10 range on the hangover scale. If you are consistently experiencing these symptoms of a hangover you should reduce your drinking. Another side effect of this hangover symptom is seeing spots. This can occur on occasion, as being hungover and staring at a white background can make eye floaters more pronounced. Eye floaters do not develop as a result of being hungover, they are simply spots some people have in their vision which are harmless.

Hangover Depression, Drinkers Remorse

Drinker’s remorse is VERY a common hangover symptom that can ruin your day if not addressed. When you are hungover you often feel depressed and regret what you did the night before. This is often a result of the poor decisions you made but also can be attributed to the chemical imbalance in your brain and body. Alcohol depresses you body and therefore your mental state. Drinker’s remorse is a result of this. For a hangover cure to this hangover symptom, simply think positive, get healthy and make better decisions next time. Exercise is an excellent cure for this hangover symptom. Also, watching funny videos will make you feel better too.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a hangover symptom that occurs in many people. When one is hungover, they often do not feel their best. This results in the person not wanting to be out in public. Many times, this symptom of a hangover will lead to people missing social events they were supposed to attend. If this happens once or twice it is OK. However, if it becomes a regular issue you may want to take a look at your drinking. You also have the option of just coming up with excellent hangover excuses.

Other Hangover Symptoms

  • Irritability: Feeling like you are easily annoyed
  • Diarrhea: If you drink too much dark beer or eat late it can increase chances for this hangover symptom
  • Loss of Appetite: Too much alcohol can hard the stomach and make it difficult to eat
  • Body Aches: Feeling like you are sore when you have no reason to be
  • Hot Flashes: Sudden feelings of warmth and being overwhelmed – This symptom usually passes quickly

Hangover Symptoms

There are many different symptoms of a hangover and not all of them are addressed in this article. Drinking alcohol makes you sick, and if you drink a lot of alcohol you will feel very sick. If you are experiencing something out of the normal after a night of drinking it can most likely be attributed to the alcohol. Usually rest, water and exercise are the best hangover cures. That being said, far to much alcohol can be deadly, so please drink responsibly. The Hangover School editorial team are not doctors and this is not medical advice for your hangover symptoms. While this is true, we at Hangover School have cured hundreds of hangovers are our experience is second to  none. We are sorry you are hungover. Just know, that no matter what your hangover symptoms, we have probably been more hungover than you are now and there are probably many people more hungover than you at this very moment.

Find out More About Hangovers and Hangover Symptoms

Note: Really, the only way not to be hungover is to watch how much you drink. It took us years to learn this. Good luck with you hangover! Drink some water, get some rest and exercise.

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  1. seomoz says:

    Hi, colleague! I love your blog, it’s so interesting!

  2. hangover symptoms man! says:

    Hate being hungover. Nice run down of symptoms… Bloody horrible being hungover…

  3. I believe it is quite important to detox a few times thru the year, not just for your insides but outsides as well. It is shocking what a good cleaning can do for the skin!

  4. Katelyn Matey says:

    Please tell me it worked right? I dont wish to sumit it once again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, this is funny. Happens all the time. too many drunk idiots hitting on girls at the bar! stay away lol

  5. hungover johnny says:

    My hangover symptoms include pukign my guts out! I hate being hungover, i always feel weak and sometimes can breathe well. The worst hangover symptom is the headache though. I think many symptoms are mental for a hangover. Sometimes you can just not think about the symptoms and be less hungover…. Either way, being hungover or having hangover is the worst thing. I always take advil to get rid of hangover symptoms.

  6. Cool site!!

  7. smoky says:

    My hangover symptoms are coughing, i smoke too much! And im always hungover with knarly smoking symptoms… I quite drinking.

  8. gabe says:

    Nice hangover symptoms post. If only hangovers didnt exist i would never have to stop drinking…. Being drunk it fun. But yeah, drink vitamin water to get rid of the symptoms im tell you all

  9. frankie says:

    One time i thought i was gonna pass out but then i didnt… actually that happened a lot of times. how is that for a hangover symptom. i might just quite drinking

  10. josh franklin says:

    I’ll give you a hangover symptom. Try drinking 7 shots of Jager. Then you will really feel bad. Headache, dizzy, weak, horrible…

  11. maya says:

    When i am hungover i simply feel dreadful. My hangover symptoms include headache, and stomach ache. Oh dear how dreadfully dreadful and hangover is. Simply horrific.

  12. george says:

    si, yo tango hangover symptoms. por que yo gusto cervesa!!! i am hungover!

  13. hangover soldier says:

    my hangover symptoms leave when i drink more beer!

  14. Makeda Catt says:

    Brilliant post, nicely done. Cheers 🙂 Mr Hangover. Hangover SChoolL!!!

  15. josh says:

    There are so many hangover symptoms, it all just depends on how your body reacts to alcohol. Some people get really shaky, especially if they have a lot caffeine. Other people get bad headaches. But overall, if you are hungover you just wont feel right. There are ton of symptoms, if you drink a lot just expect to feel like junk. The one that gets me the most is nausea. Also, i feel weak. I’ve been trying to keep it to four drinks. If i do that i usually feel fine the next day. Also, I only drink that much 1 or 2 times a week.

  16. Autumn Amber says:

    When Im hungover, I usually drank wayyy too much 80 proof vodka, I pass out for like 2 hours, then wake up and can’t sleep for the life of me, then I roll around whining kuz my “insides” hurt and puke a lot.. being hungover really sucks

  17. Justin says:

    I just go out for a ride on my motorbike – hangover gone in 3 seconds flat !

  18. Dan Clarke says:

    I experience the same symptoms of a hangover as mentioned here. I love drinking alcohol. But when I drink in excess it leaves a terrible hangover which I hate. I search for remedies all the time. Dehydration is a common effect of a hangover. This can be reduced by drinking a lot of water. I drink a lot of water and lemon juice to get rid of a hangover.

  19. Mike Joe says:

    I sometimes get rid of the hangover, rapid pulse, etc. by drinking a beer every hour. Much of the symptoms are caused by alcohol withdrawal and this helps. Guess I need to put a damper on my drinking!

  20. Jason says:

    I have been hungover so many times in my life. It’s always rough. When you drink too much you are going to feel very bad. I like to drink lots of water and taken an advil.

  21. I shouldn't but I always do says:

    I just wake up and drink a beer or take a shot. Let it wear off. I usually feel better.

  22. My Symptom says:

    My daddy told me to never drink more than i can handle. But i love the whiskey and get a mean headache every time the next day after I drink it at night. I wont stop and wont stop by headache!

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh boy, I feel like I have the absolute worse hangovers in the world. I’m on my second day of a hangover now. I drank a fifth of Bacardi rum with coke. I blacked out, woke up with scraped ankles and bruised arms. Head pounding like crazy, super nauseous, couldn’t eat anything, finally threw up, but still felt sick. Now today on the second day, still don’t have a lot of energy, aching legs and feel tired. The smell of a cigarette makes me want to puke, too. This isn’t worth it, I’m nor putting myself through this again

  24. Andrew says:

    I never get hungover, you are all a bunch of jerks! You need to drink more haha

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