HangoverSchool.com Kicks off Site Launch with Hangover Story Contest!

drinking-too-much-2HangoverSchool.com, a website dedicated to hangover cures, hangover stories, and hungover entertainment, today announced their first annual hangover story contest. Winners of the contest will receive a $75 gift certificate to BevMo!.

“HangoverSchool.com is a fun site we made to educated and entertain the hungover,” said John Lincoln, Publisher of HangoverSchool.com. “The ultimate hangover story contest gives users an opportunity to submit their craziest hangover story, anonymously if desired, and get it published on the site. The goal is to create tons of entertaining stories for the community to read.”

According to Lincoln, a hangover story is a recount of a night out partying that resulted in unexpected events. In most cases, alcohol influences these events and leaves the people involved feeling, depressed or hungover the next day.

“Let’s be real here. Everyone gets hungover and does crazy stuff when they drink. And those stories are the most fun to tell and hear! We’re giving you a place to tell those stories. A place where no one will judge you; all we will do is laugh with you!”

HangoverSchool.com began because John and Andrew Lincoln, brothers, were tiered of being hungover. Since then they have made it their life’s work to help others cure their hangovers.

“Yeah, we were sick of being hungover. At HangoverSchool.com we believe it’s not your drinking that is the problem, its your hangover. And we want to help people beat this evil,” comment Lincoln.

Submissions for the HangoverSchool.com Hangover Story of the Year can be entered at http://hangoverschool.com/category/submit/.

Hangover stories should be 200 to 900 words. All stories will be accepted, however, HangoverSchool.com maintains the right to edit any stories that it deems overly offensive. The contest will run from January 01, 2010 to March 5, 2010 and winners will be announced shortly after.

“We’re really excited to read the insane story submissions that come in. The response to HangoverSchool has been really amazing. People want to tell their craziest stories, and we want to hear them!

Visit http://hangoverschool.com/category/submit/ to enter your story!

About HangoverSchool.com

HangoverSchool.com was founded by brothers John and Andrew Lincoln in an attempt to support the hungover. The focus of the site is to provide hangover cures, hangover stories and hungover entertainment. John and Andrew Lincoln are not doctors and do not offer medical advice. While this is true, they have been hungover and can provide excellent advice for beating hangovers. That advice can be found on www.hangoverschool.com.

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  1. so this is what becomes of darwanism

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