How Drunk can you get at the Holiday Christmas Party?

When the holidays come around one question always begins to penetrate ones mind, “how drunk am I going to get and how drunk is everyone else going to get at the holiday Christmas party.” In this post, we tell you what to expect at different levels of drunkness.

drinking-too-much-21 to 3 Drinks
If you only have 1 to 3 drinks at your holiday Christmas party people will maintain respect for you. People will be watching your drinking closely and will in most cases tell you to drink more. If you keep it to 1 to 3 drinks the office will confirm the previous perception of you, that being, you are a square.

3 to 5 Drinks
When you have 3 to 5 drinks you start entering the fun zone. People realize, this person likes to party a little. They think to themselves, maybe I won’t kick the back of their chair anymore or throw wet paper towels at the back of their head. They think, maybe I wont tell the boss that this person has been stealing paper clips in bulk and selling them to our competitors. 3 to 5 drinks is acceptable.

5 to 7 Drinks
Now we are getting somewhere. If you have 5 to 7 drinks at the company Christmas party you will be without a doubt intoxicate. You will most likely feel really good and say some things you shouldn’t. You’ll talk about who you like at work and who you don’t, probably dance up a storm and maybe even make it to the after-party will the cool employees. If you have 5 to 7 drinks at the Christmas party you border between being fun and legendary and a complete disaster.

7 to 10 Drinks
7 to 10 drinks at the company holiday party is a lot. You’ll probably stumble a bit, appear intoxicated to your co-workers and boss and almost certainly do or say something you shouldn’t. Now of course different people have different tolerances, so keep this in mind. However, at the point you will be messed up. You might fall over into the heat lamp or tell your date to piss off. You might even puke towards the end of the night. While you risk all of these things, you also risk developing a new and fresh persona around the office, you would be looked at as the partier!

10 to 15 Drinks
If you have 10 to 15 drinks at the company Christmas party you will we wasted. You’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff and maybe puke all over your date and boss. You’ll border between being nice and fun and a crazy drunken psychopath. If you make it through the night without doing anything too dumb, you’ll be regarded as a legend. You will be, the guy who got wasted at the company Christmas party. Good luck to you all out there! We hope your hangover is light.

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