How I Beat my Hangover

Yesterday I had a horrible hangover and desperately needed a hangover cure. This is how I was able to overcome this horrific feeling.

How I Became Hungover

I became hungover initially because I drank 6 sake bombs, 4 Coronas and 2 pitches of Stone IPA. This is enough to intoxicate a small horse and definitely enough to intoxicate yours truly.

The Next Day

three-beersI woke up the next day with a pounding head, my face stuck to my pillow with drool and all of my clothes on. Not a good start. I couldn’t get up for some time. But when I finally did I decided to go surf. I was literally still drunk in the water, but did have one good wave.

Mid Day Hangover Nap Time

I eventually just had to go back to sleep. I passed out hungover as hell for a good 3 hours. When I awoke I felt a little better, but not 100 percent by any means. I decided to go for a swim, hell bent on beating the hangover.

Hungover Swim Time

I went for a swim, still hungover as hell, but when I was done I felt much better. I decided to go get a smoothly after. This ended up being a great decision. I said, “sir, can I have extra vitamins in my smoothly.” He replied, “yes.” I said, “thank you.” The extra vitamins kicked in and cured my hangover, almost completely.

Hungover at Dinner

I decided to go out to dinner. But right as I got there I started to experience another wave of nausea. If you have been hungover before you know what I am talking about. There was nothing I could do, so I had to have another beer. The beer made me feel like a champ. I decided to have one more. After the second beer I was back to normal.

The End.

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