How Long Does a Hangover Last?

Wondering how long does a hangover last? You have come to the right place. hangover photoThis question entails complications. We all know a hangover can easily last the 24 hours following an average one night drinking binge, however it may linger 48 or even 72 hours, and what then? Well my friends, do not be afraid if and when such an extended hangover takes place, we all have them.

The two main concerns to the long-term hangover are, of course the physical sensation of the hangover (aka feeling like sh*t) and the psychological depression (which often times lasts much longer then the physical burdens). We are all familiar with waking up the following morning with the horrible repercussions of this liquid poison, we have a headache, we may be nauseated, we may be slightly shaky, do not worry these are all normal symptoms of an average hangover.

From the time you awake from you drunken slumber to the time you sleep again you should be nursing your hangover, using remedies to facilitate these symptoms. However you may wake up the next day and still be feeling ill, perhaps your headache has not totally gone away, your body feels better but still a little fatigued or uneasy. This is of course fine, in this 48 hour window you may not be 100% yourself, continue medicating with lower doses of hangover remedies, drink lots of water, eat healthy, make jokes, act normal, speak of topics with friends and fellow employees which do not require too much cognitive ability etc. On the third day, that is the 72-hour mark you may feel slightly off but you should start feeling close to 100%.  This is our Window of opportunity or amount of time we allow for one to be hung-over. Any longer than this I may begin to worry, however there is of course one exception.

If you are still facing cognitive depression from this night of drinking that is of course understandable. Perhaps you did something you would normally never have done without the assistance of alcohol. Or perhaps you made someone upset, or broke a window in a friends house or urinated in a friends bed or on his or her sofa or… The list is endless. Do not worry if this element of your hangover lingers. I believe the best way to deal with such alcohol depression is to speak with an optimistic friend or one who you know makes much worse decisions and mistakes when they are drunk. Often times you can build your esteem again with a conversation such as “Hey, friend/buddy/guy I feel like such an idiot, I pissed on Amanda/Jason’s couch and they know it was me.” Friend/buddy/guy’s response “ha-ha, nice one, at least you did not throw up on his/her pillow while you were making out with Sara/Ryan on their bed” “Ha-ha that’s true! I forgot that you did that, I feel better about myself now, I can finally get on with my life!” Such conversations can completely eliminate our alcohol depression. Remember whenever you are down (about being drunk or hung-over) speak with a friend! Or send us your story and or concern and we’ll discuss it here on!

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  1. Mark Vice says:

    I love it!

  2. Thomas Ray says:

    Amanda and Jason need some better friends. Thank God for people with low self esteem though. You’re asses would catch a dip charge and spend the night in the drunk tank if you pissed on my couch.

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