How to Chug a Beer

Did you really Google how to chug a beer and end up here? If that is the case, you are rookie and welcome to, the best website online by far. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to chug a beer. Just follow these steps.

How to Chug a Beer

How to Chug a Beer

Steps to Chug a Beer

  • Step 1: Get a Beer
  • Step 2: Chug the Beer

You are done!

Now you know how to chug a beer.

Notes on How to Chug a Beer

  • If the beer is cold then it will be harder to chug. But don’t worry, brain freeze goes away eventually.
  • You can use a beer bong to chug a beer. This will help it go down faster.
  • The more beers you chug the drunker you will be.
  • Beer chugging is considered a sport at some colleges.
  • Relax your throat when you chug the beer. It will allow you to drink faster.
  • Some people poke a hole in a beer can and then pop the top and chug it. This makes it so that the beer flows faster.
  • Good luck chugging your first beer! If you are hungover and need a hangover cure later you know where to come.
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