How to Remember a Persons Name When you Are Drunk

If you are really drunk it can be tough to remember a persons name. Here are a few tips so that you do not forget. Use this hangover advice wisely!

drinking-too-much-2Tips for Remembering a Persons Name

Text it to Yourself: If you text the persons name to yourself right when you meet them then you will always have it in your phone.

Think of Another Person who has the Same Name: If you associate their name with another person who has the same name then there is a good chance you will remember it.

Say it as Much as Possible: The more times you say it the better chance it will stick. Also, if you say it a bunch of times and forget the person will still think you know it because you said it so many times.

If all else fails and you completely forget, just introduce the person to someone else. Then they will have to say their name.

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