Hungover People on Twitter!

There are so many hungover people on Twitter. Laugh at their Tweets below.

RenegadeNW Never ever in my life have i been this hungover #fuckkkkk

Guitar_Gene Still kinda hungover. I actually managed to sweat thru 2 shirts jogging earlier…I REGRET NOTHING BITCHES !

MsKLo Bahaha I picked up my hungover cousin to go eat @ chucks … Been here about an hour and she looks at me like I gotta be sick brb lmao

ConFuseTheSheeP I know its bad when I can’t motivate myself to load the bowl. :-\ #hungover #still

thatfellownick paralyzingly hungover. #howyouknowyouhadagoodnight

DrydeFelton RT @funnyordie: Anyone else wake up hungover & immediately hear Ice Cube in their head screaming, “YO! WHERE ALL THE SANDWICHES AT???”

jusdave31st I really need 2 get out this office ASAP I’m too hungover 2 be here 2day

HeathKnott I rode a bull, did a keg stand, shot gunned a beer can, jumped in and broke up a fight. Now it’s Saturday morning, I’m hungover.

elhaydo @gregtheoharis sorry am too hungover to make compliments come out as complimentary 🙂

nixheartsyou I’ve put myself on bed rest. Which is really just an over-dramatic way of saying I’m super hungover.

TanyaBabe I can’t move I’m so hungover. Damnnn u jello shotssss

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