Hungover? Read About Hungover Cures

Are you hungover? If so you have come to the right place. It is no fun being hungover so we are going to give you some tips so that next time some ask you how you are feeling you don’t say, “so hungover,” but instead say, “I’m feeling better thanks.”

What Does Hungover Mean?

First what does hungover mean? Hungover is similar to the term hangover. It simply means that you are feeling ill due to excessive alcohol consumption. The term hungover was made more popular recently by the move The Hangover, which was a blockbuster hit. Many people mistake the movie title for The Hungover, which simply is not correct. If you are hungover you will need hangover cures, many times incorrectly called hungover cures.
Are you So Hungover? Here are Some Hungover Cures

Although we have a whole category for hangover cures, it may be easier to just click the link you are most interested in below. We have provide some of our top hungover links for you so that you can access the hungover page which will be the most helpful to fight your hangover nausea or hangover symptoms.

Hungover Cures

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Hangover Symptoms, Symptoms of a Hangover
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The History of the Hangover

Being hungover is not fun. But if you are going to drink you will eventually become hungover at some point. This is perfectly normal. Being hungover is the bodies natural reaction to alcohol. It usally means that you are dehydrated, need sleep or simply have overly intoxicated your body. You may want to take the hangover test on this website to evaluate your hangover before going any further.

Next time you say to yourself, “I’m hungover.” Simply visit us here at Hangover School and read our latest hungover cures.

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  1. doug says:

    I am hungover right now and feel horrible. Thank you for the article. I will check out these hungover resources. I wish i had no drank so much though… I AM SO HUNGOVER

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