Can You Cure A Hangover By Drinking Early?

One of my friends has a ridiculous hangover cure. This is how I learned about his way to cure a hangover…

Cure hangover by day drinking

Cure hangover by day drinking

“So what are you doing?” I ask my friend who has work the following day. “Nothing man I think I am going to go have a day beer with Matt since he is off work today.” “Okay, its only ten in the morning dude.” “Ya I know but I have work tomorrow and I don’t want to be hungover.” “So you are going to start drinking at ten in the morning?” “Ya, that way I can stop drinking early and I wont be hungover at work tomorrow.”

Some may take the approach of drinking early and stopping drinking early to avoid a hangover. This is theoretically a good strategy to avoiding a hangover, however I have a strong disposition to disagree. This is why, if you begin to drink early, you get intoxicated earlier. When one gets intoxicated, you may want to drink more. Therefore, the only possibility you are providing for is to allow yourself more time to drink. I say, if you want to avoid a hangover due to work the following day, simply have a beer limit, that is, only one or two and drink them within a few hours of going to bed, in order to take away any possibility of having the desire to drink heavily, especially if you have a tendency to do that. Providing less time to drink takes away the possibility to drink all day.

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    your a retard.

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