I am Hungover…..AND I FEEL GREAT!!

100_0049Hello Internet World! This is a new site created for YOU! All those individuals who suffer from the same symptoms as myself and my brother, (the creators of this extraordinary social reference) at least twice a week, Saturday and Sunday, also occasionally on Friday and sometimes on Tuesday if your weekend did not produce enough stimulation and sometimes Monday and sometimes Wednesday and Thursday… And sometimes four days in a row!! This sickly sensation being a terrible curse but also an omnipotent blessing… Absolute proof that if nothing else you, as do brother and myself have made a fool of yourself once again! This of course being the ethereal HANGOVER!!! Our absolute inspiration for creating such a sight! We are hungover and we know how to deal with this hangover! Let us hand down our long book of CURES so you, like us, will never be concerned with being too hungover again!! Actually I take that back, you will certainly be, however you will be well prepared to deal with such an occurrence. In fact you, as I do, may even look forward to being hungover!hungover-andrew I often times only drink to be hungover! The hell with being drunk, let us be hungover! When you see fellow employees or classmates or professors or employers or whomever when you are out, you will not shy away with red swollen eyes, breath reeking of vomit and a shriveled conscience, no you will approach them with pride, honour and absolute confidence, smile and say GOOD DAY, in an absurdly confident and loud voice! Join US in OVERCOMING YOUR HANGOVER!!

Murray Hangover

Senior Hangover Curer, Hangover School

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