Intravenous IV Hangover Cure

Some people are hardcore, so they need a hardcore hangover cure. The intravenous IV hangover cure is for those who party hard and need hardcore hangover cures. You would figure they would rather just not drink as much opposed to getting stuck with a needle first thing in the morning, but that is another conversation. Let’s talk about the intravenous hangover cure.

What is the IV Hangover Cure?

Intravenous Hangover Cure

Intravenous Hangover Cure

It’s pretty straightforward really. You know when you are in the hospital and they give you an IV. They hook up a bag and let saline solution drip down through a tub and into your body through a needle. The intravenous IV hangover cure is simply when a person uses an IV to relive a hangover. When you apply an IV to someone who is hungover it makes him or her less hungover. Let’s talk about why.

Why does the Intravenous Hangover Cure Work

The intravenous hangover cure rehydrates your body when you are hungover. But it is not just water; it is water with salt in it. Adding the salt to the water allows the solution to hydrate you more quickly. One bag of saline will make you feel much better because it is equivalent to drinking a substantial amount of water.

Hangover School Insight on the IV Hangover Cure

To us, this more of a fun idea than anything. We would never recommend using the IV hangover cure. If you do decide to use it, and people do, make sure you have a qualified medical professional apply the IV and provide the saline. Yes, we actually do know people who schedule a medical professional to come and apply the IV hangover cure.

When you apply the saline solution your hangover is eliminated very quickly because the liquid is administered directly to the blood stream. As an alternative, you can simply drink water with a spoon full of salt. This will not eliminate your hangover as immediately as the intravenous IV hangover cure, but you will not need to be stuck with a needle. Being stuck with a needle can be painful and result in bruising. Keep this in mind when considering this hangover cure.

Overall, if you are thinking of trying this hangover cure ask your doctor beforehand. It does work, but it should only be used in rare situations when a medical professional is present. And even then, it’s a little crazy.

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6 Comments on "Intravenous IV Hangover Cure"

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  1. mike says:

    At my last overnight stay at a hospital they hooked me up to an IV drip of what looked like yellow Gatorade, and – considering the ingredients – was substantially chemically similar to Gatorade. They had this mix specifically prepared for patients who were drunk and needed surgery, and it was kept separate from the standard saline drip. Let me just say that this was an INSTANT cure to my hangover. I mean a matter of just a minute or two and BOOM, gone. No better cure on earth.

  2. lifesaver says:

    that stuff is called lactated ringers or ringers lactate. It’s nothing special just used for patients with low blood pressure due to either puking sweating pissing etc., or trauma patients who have bled a lot. It’s good stuff and can really save lives. Or in your case, the next day. Personally I’ll either stick myself or have my buddy do it with a small bag of NS after a night of drinking.

    HOWEVER!!! the best and safest way to rehydrate is to drink about a liter of water before bed and then a vitacoco or other coconut water. Love those things.

  3. Jak says:

    best cure dont drink for gosh sakes – love your liver and who likes a drunk anyway?

  4. Billy says:

    Jak, you’re on what are you doing? Of course everyone here drinks

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