Natalie Portman Black Swan Jokes

In this post we rip on this picture of Natalie Portman from Black Swan.

– Man that is one weird looking swan. I wonder if it has night vision.
– How much weed did that swan smoke.
– That swan has a serious case of pink eye.
– Looks like a white swan to me. Why white swans always trying to be black swans.
– Is that a swan or a gay dude?
– Why can black swans travel faster than other swans cross country? They take the red eye.
– Why did the black swan kill herself? Because she was a crazy bitch.
– What did the black swan want to be when she grew up? Pregnant!
– How do you know if a swan has a drinking problem, it looks this hungover.
– What does a black swan want more than anything in the world? VISINE
The movie was actually pretty good. Watch it if you are hungover. Hangover School out.

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