Orange Juice and Egg Hangover Cure

The Orange Juice and Egg Hangover Cure is real folks. Some people swear by it. To use the orange juice and egg hangover cure simply get a few fresh oranges and make some fresh squeezed orange juice. Next, take a raw egg and put it in the orange juice and mix it around. You will see that the orange juice will change color a little. Now you have your orange juice and egg hangover cure. Drink the hangover cure and you should start to feel better in about 30 minutes.

Why does the orange juice and egg hangover cure work you ask? Well, the fresh squeezed orange juice is high in vitamin c and sugar. This helps the body fight off the hangover and flush it through the system. The sugar gives the body energy. The egg is a great added component because it is a good source of protein. The immediate influx of raw protein gives the body energy. The orange juice and egg hangover cure is pretty good! Take this will an Advil hangover cure and you will feel much better. The only thing to keep in mind is that some times raw eggs can contain salmonella. Make sure you have a good egg!

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  1. Richard says:

    “Make sure you have a good egg!” You can’t make sure you have a good egg because the eggs doesn’t have to be off to contain selmonella, that’s what’s so risky about eating raw eggs! Why not harness the power of capsaicin instead for an adrenaline and noradrenaline boost? Capsaicin comes from chilli peppers, get that however you like but I recommend a sagwala curry with extra spinach because spinach is extremely nutricious!

    When you’re hungover your blood sugar is low and nasty byproducts of alcohol metabolism are still floating around your system, your blood vessels are constricted more than usual because your body is compensating for the vasodilation caused by the booze the night before…. In short the only fix for this is to boost blood sugar in the short term with juice, force your body to process the toxins faster with an adrenaline boost (exercise will work but who can be bothered exercising while hungover lol) and make sure your blood sugar stays pretty level throughout the day with carbs – I recommend having a few fries/chips with half a portion of curry.

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