Pizza Port Ocean Beach, Killer Hangover Food

Pizza Port in Ocean Beach is just plain delicious. This fine establishment, placed in the heart of Ocean Beach on Bacon Street, has killer pizza and beer.

Pizza Port Ocean Beach

Pizza Port Ocean Beach

The Hangover School crew had the pleasure of visiting Pizza Port in Ocean Beach last night. While there, we ordered the Carlsbad. This pizza has sundried tomatoes, blue cheese, chicken, artichokes, cheese and light pesto sauce. This was one of the best hangover cures a man could ask for. This is just one of their awesome pizzas.

Pizza Port in Ocean Beach, a part of San Diego County, also has a few excellent house brews on tap, which they brew right there. We had the OB Chronic; this beer truthfully was not that good, kind of light and bland, nothing distinct about it unfortunately. But we also tried the Jetty IPA. This is a solid IPA and many of the people at Pizza Port were enjoying it.

Overall, Pizza Port Beer and Pizza Port Pizza is becoming very well known, and for good reason. If you are in San Diego, or if you are hungover and just need some food or more beer, check this place out. The atmosphere is comfortable, the food is good and beer will get you drunk.

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