Quick and Easy Poker Drinking Games

Let’s face it; poker games can make great drinking games as it’s always easy to find a deck of cards but you don’t want to over-think things and make it too complicated. The point of a good drinking game is to get the festivities off on the right foot by getting the alcohol and good times readily flowing, so the last thing you need is for people to get bogged down in learning complicated games that take way too long to learn.

That’s why we recommend that you keep it quick and easy when it comes to poker drinking games, and avoid games that require lots of cards to be dealt to players. If the game involves five or more cards (like many poker games), you’re limiting how many players can jump in, as a standard deck just has 52 cards. Stick to fast-paced games that just require a few cards for each player, as that means you’ll get everyone involved and drinking and having fun right off the bat. Here are a few drinking games to get you going, if you are hungover you should feel better in no time.

How to Play Red or Black

The designated dealer just deals out single cards to players in a circle, pausing for each to guess whether the card will be red or black, as far as the suit (with diamonds and hearts red and spades and clubs black). Guess right and you don’t have to drink; guess wrong and you’re drinking. Easy as that!

How to Play Higher or Lower

A very similar game is “Higher or Lower”, where a card is dealt to start and the player must guess whether the next card is higher or lower than it, with wrong guesses requiring a drink; one twist many people use is if the next card is the same as the first one the player must chug their entire drink.

How to Play Guts

Texas Holdem poker fans will likely enjoy “Guts”, which makes a good drinking game. Each player gets two cards and the same basic poker rules apply as to what wins (although flushes and straights don’t count). Each player closes their eyes and hold their hand with their cards out; if they think they have the best hand they keep their hands when the dealer counts to three, and if they want out they drop their cards to fold. If you fold you have to take a drink but if you hold onto your cards and lose, it’s three drinks, with just the winner of the hand escaping and not having to take a drink.

Did we forget to mention your favorite drinking game? Comment below!

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