Red Bones Barbeque, A Good Place to Drink in Boston

red-bones-bostonIf you are looking for a good place to get a beer in Boston, Red Bones Barbeque is where it is at. Located in Davis Square, next to Tuffs University, Red Bones has an excellent selection of beers ranging from basic and light to dark and ominous. 

While at Red Bones in Boston we wanted to try something we hadn’t had before. In this spirit, we decided to try a Pike Monks Uncle. Pike Monks Uncle is a Belgium style beer with some seriously fruity flavors. When drinking it, it is as if you bit into a mango, orange and handful of pine needles at the same time. 

Pike Monks Uncle comes from the Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, WA. Here is a little information about the beer:

  • MALT VARIETIES: Organic Pale, Organic Pils, Wheat, Aromatic
  • HOP VARIETIES: Nugget, Saaz
  • COLOR: Straw
  • YEAST: Belgian ale
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: Big, full bodied & complex with a yeasty nose, fruity esters & malty dryness.
  • HISTORY: Monks brew at 6 breweries in Belgium. Tripels were originally marked with 3†s for strength.
  • PACKAGE: 22oz. 12 per case; 15.5 gal. keg
  • AVAILABILITY: Year Round
  • Red Bones Barbeque in Boston had a wealth of other beers to try as well. All together, they have around 30 speciality beers on tap, all of which are rare to the region. Red Bones even had a good selection of cask beers.

    The atmosphere of this place is really cool. Red Bones takes California style artwork including psychedelic cartoons and scary flaming faces and blends them in with the cozy pub environment. Overall, Red Bones in Boston’s Davis Square is a place worth visiting when in the area. Check it out next time you’re in Boston.
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