Run, Run, Run PUKE!

Young man in nightclub approaching camera with arms outstretchedI had every intention of having a calm night. I even distinctly remember telling myself multiple times, I DO NOT WANT TO BE HUNGOVER TOMORROW. But it did no good. The night went something like this.

I met up with two buddies at my house before a concert. I figured, hey, if im going to concert I should have a few beers beforehand. We ended up slamming a few and then going to downtown San Diego where a concert was going down. I had never heard the band but decided to go because we were getting free tickets.

Well we get down there, but the guy who was supposed to give us the tickets was already in the concert. No big deal, he left them tickets at will-call. So we go there to grab them, but he had only left two and there were three of us. Also, just then, he calls us and tells us that we owe him $70 each for the tickets! What an ass. To add to this, the show is sold out. So the third person cannot get a ticket at all.

Using our miraculous intellect vigorously stimulated by the beers we slammed, we decided to sell the tickets. The show was sold out so we accomplished this now prob.

So now we were rich! We had $140 in our pocket,that wasn’t technically ours, but now every bar in downtown San Diego seemed to be a little bit more welcoming. We hopped from bar to bar, taking Jagger blasters, buying the beers all around, with no regard for the man who had left us the tickets. We’ll get him back later…

At 2:00am we end up at the worst bar in town. We walk in and try to get a drink and the owner of the bar rushes my buddy.

“What the hell is your problem!,” We asked?

As he is literally choking my friend he says, “Get that Vitamin Water out of here.”

Apparently he has something against Vitamin Water being in his bar. Real class act this guy…

We start to walk home and one of my buddies decides he wants to sprint. He runs as fast as he can about a quarter mile down the street (he is tall so he looks like an idiot). Then he runs to the right across the street. Then he runs back across the street, and then over to the other side of the street.

Just then, he bends down and BLLLAAAHHHH! Pukes his guts out all over the ground. I have never seen so much puke in my life! It literally looked like a bowl of risotto or a big puddle of old peanut butter. haha!

After that we walked the rest of the way home and passed out after watching a little TV.

The next day was pretty rough. Lucky I had bought Gatorade the night before and drank half so it lessoned my hangover. And when I work up I had the other half waiting for me, and slammed it down.

That’s what I think the best hangover cure is, Gatorade. Also, if you can generate the strength, it’s good to try to sweat out the booze. My uncle says you should drink a raw egg smoothie. But I think he is just saying that so that I drink one and he can watch me puke it up…

Go Hangover School! This site is sick!!


Another Hungover Man

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  1. erin says:

    too funny!

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